Chicken Soup for the Sister’s Soul (Review)

Taking a deep breath, collecting all my brave!!! Honestly i’m not kind of one who love to make a review for a book. Like i’ve written so many times, i really read a book for fun, even it is a comic, novel, or a literature. Beside that, i’m bad at writing :p. I never talked deeply about any book, or sharing what books contain. Absolutely not me. But, i already promised to myself for reading book seriously without leaving its fun. So here my first review. Some facts about this book; first, i got this book from  my sister about 2 years ago as my birthday present. Second, i’m not in to this kind of book that much. third, it supposed to be included at my reading challenge, but i got the procedure wrong, so it’s disqualified T_T.


Chicken Soup for the Sister’s Soul


IMG_20121222_133137Buku terjemahan terbitan Gramedia setebal 372 halaman ini  merupakan kumpulan kisah – kisah nyata tentang lika liku persaudaraan. Khususnya perempuan. Buku ini sangat emosional. Beberapa menggambarkan kisah manis, indah, dan harmonis antara saudara perempuan. Atau ingatan persaudaraan semasa kecil yang penuh persaingan dan iri hati, tentu saja karena ingin saling menunjukkan siapa yg lebih baik. Cerita tentang dua wanita bersaudara, melewati tantangan hidup yang keras, dari keluarga yang bukan apa apa di mata masyarakat hingga menjadi “seseorang”, tanpa orangtua. Kisah lain menceritakan perdamaian yang indah setelah bertahun tahun menyimpan kesalahpahaman dan kebencian terhadap saudara perempuan. Ada juga cerita tentang memperoleh saudara perempuan yang selalu diharapkan sejak kecil.

Secara general buku ini menceritakan bagaimana kita pada dasarnya sangat tergantung pada keluarga dan saudara perempuan khususnya yang menjadi satu-satunyanya tempat kita mengadu, saat punya masalah, kenapa kita berada diposisi sulit, saat orang lain tidak memahami masalah kita, saat semua orang tidak bersahabat dengan kita, sampai saat terburuk dimana kita bahkan tidak percaya pada diri sendiri, kemampuan sendiri. Beruntunglah, saudara kita ada, percaya, mendukung, dan mengatakan kita mampu, kita bisa melewati semua masalah, menghadapi semua rintangan; pergaulan, keuangan, masalah rumah tangga yang sulit dipertahankan, penyakit,  bahkan kanker yang sudah di vonis dokter hanya hidup beberapa bulan. Di sana saudara ada mendukung dan mendampingi kita. Tidak selalu memberi solusi terhadap masalah kita, tapi mereka akan selalu ada di “samping” kita dan menguatkan kita. Itu Karena kita saudara dan kita sesama perempuan.

I Love how my sisters always beside me for whatever mistake i made

Buku yang emosional dan sangat mengispirasi. Menyadarkan kembali akan pentingnya menghargai mereka yang diberikan Tuhan menjadi bagian dari hidup kita, terutama saudara perempuan.


Bila Anda merupakan orang yang sensitif, mudah mengeluarkan air mata, terharu, bersifat empati, simpati, terlebih merupakan orang yang mudah terhanyut dalam suatu suasana atau kondisi, Saya tidak menganjurkan untuk membaca buku ini karena waktu Anda akan dihabiskan lebih banyak dengan menangis dan menghapus air mata.


Chicken Soup for the Sister’s Soul

True stories collection of bitter sweets relationship about sisters within 372 emotional pages. There are stories when it felt so sweet, beautiful, and in harmony. The other stories recalled how sisters could be your most ‘keep-on-guard’ rivalry and made u so envious one to another with peculiar reasons. There is even a story about two sisters, who had been struggled for their life, from ‘nothing’ to became ‘something’, without parent, just the two of them. Another story about a sweet reconcealed with her sister after years in anger and hatred. In other hand, a women happily shared how she got a childhood wish about having a sister by got sister in law.

my sisters = my best friends

Showing us how basically we are depending on our sister, the only one we can comfortably pour out our troubles, telling our mistakes that we couldn’t talk to our parent freely and to our brother comfortably, when we are facing a hard time, in bad circumstances, when all of our friends left us, didn’t trust us anymore, and above all, when we don’t trust our self, our effort, our ability anymore. Fortunately, we have our sisters beside us, trust us, support us, and tell us that we can overcome all of the obstacles; social life, financial, our almost broken household, sickness, even a deadly cancer. Yes, our sisters will always be there. Not always with a solution in every problem, but just being there, beside us, support us and strengthen us. Because we are sisters.

In words, this is really an emotional and inspiring book. A book that will make u, especially the one who has sisters, brings back all the memories and then realize how important to value and appreciate the one that God has given to us, become part of our life. Especially our sister.

I will not suggest this book for one who has a sensitive heart,  who easily let their tears fall down on their cheek, who has empathy, sympathies, or someone who will mesmerize in any circumstances or condition because they will not enjoy this book. They’ll just let themselves busy with wiping tears that fall down endlessly.


This review dedicated to my sisters, Ka Anti ‘Sesuatu’ and Ka Opinku, love you both for who you are. Much Love.

me and my sisters are really like this

42 thoughts on “Chicken Soup for the Sister’s Soul (Review)

  1. Awww…why is it disqualified? Anyway, you’ve one book completed. At first I saw the book cover and I thought it is an English book but I guess I was wrong…lol… is this a translated book or originally in your language?

    Sisters…I’ve always tell my baby sis that luckily she is a girl and not a boy…because I really prefer a baby sis rather than a baby bro…lol…

    A great start by the way, and looking forward to reading your 2nd book review soon…and be sure to get the procedure correctly for the challenge…lol…

    Have a good day ahead~ Cheers!! 😀

    1. it’s disqualified because i started to read before January 1st, 2013. heheheh. it couldn’t be counted. 🙂
      it’s okeh, so i’ll read more book. i still have so much unread book on my bookshelves :D.
      it is a translated book with a same tittle.

      yes, indeed. lucky us to have sisters. like what I’ve said, we can comfortably tell “all of” our trouble to our sisters. But, i still love my brothers too, i have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. really a big “big” family. 🙂

      Thank you for supporting those reading challenges (I’m joining two). Catch two birds with one stone. interesting enough. LOL

      have a great..great day 🙂

    2. I see…no worries, just start reading your next book basically, no books down at the moment…so you still have another 15 books more to complete…lol…

      I am going to help you with this challenge by nagging and nagging all the way…lol…

      Have a great day ahead too! Cheers~ 😀

    3. oh, i think i forget to tell you that i already finished my ‘really’ first book for the challenge. The title is “Problem at Pollensa Bay” by Agathe Christie. but i don’t think i will make a review because mmm i don’t like its story that much. or i just need to review because of that reason? we will see though 🙂

      So it means i still have at least 14 books to go to beat this. 😀

      Wow, what a very nice of you, i’ll like the nagging “thing” kekekekeke.



  2. Personally, I think you should do that book review…because the main point is that: you’ve managed to finish the book even if you don’t like the story!!

    For me, if the story is not appealing to my taste, I would probably just drop it and not finishing it…lol…

    Do that review, girl and I will be waiting to read the review…kekeke… (*gosh…contagious laughter influence)

    Post it soon.

    Cheers~ 😀

    1. mmmm,,,
      thank u for giving your point of view. i’ll re-think about it.

      i was continue reading the book because i already bought it. LOL.

      Just wait a little bit longer for the review. 🙂
      hang on there 😀

      Cheers 🙂

    1. Ahhh…when you visit Singapore, you will get to see me in person then…coz I am not very photogenic…lol…

      Have a great Monday ahead too, my friend~ Cheers!!

    2. cant wait for my next vacation there, but still don’t have any idea when. really want to meet you. i’ll post someting about my first arrival there. you just wait…again…kekekekekek

      see you friend 🙂

    3. sounds great,
      anyway did u notice that i change the appearance of my blog too? just added something here and there *nothing else to do* heheheheh

    4. Nothing else to do? p(O_O)q

      *Turning on NAGGING MODE*

      Finish reading your 2nd book yet? Where’s that first book review on the book that you didn’t like…..when are you going to start reading your 3rd book…

      Yes…all these just to cover the fact that I didn’t realize you’ve changed the appearance…shall come over and take a good look…lol…

      Cheers~ 😀

    5. not yet, that book has 676 pages. :), i love this book so far. and like usual, i fall for the main character, kekekeke, a lawyer. 🙂
      my second book? mmm, i’ll make the review. hang on a little bit longeeeeeeerr . LOL

      cheers 🙂

    1. yeay, u noticed it.
      u know what? look at this blog notification become my daily. heheheh, I’m waiting for any replay. yours, esp, can brighten up my day, its funny sometimes, LOL

    2. I guess funny is inside my bones…even when I am scolding my students, they would just giggle out and say ” Teacher, why are you so funny?” 😦

    1. hi dear friend,
      yess, everything is fine, just a little bit busy with office stuff. how about that side? is everything fine or wonderful?

      -cheers and keep on fire!! :)-

    2. WOAh~ You took that photo? It is lovely because I thought you’ve downloaded it from the web! If you don’t know what to write at time, why not just upload some photo posts? Love blogs with many nice photos…hehhee…

      Still waiting for your book review…just a gentle reminder here..LOL…

      Have a great day ahead~ Cheers!! 😀

    3. ahahahahahha,,i can feel that’s really a gentle reminder. thank friend 🙂
      i take that as a compliment, i thought about it, but not confident with my photograph…

    4. Well, no harm trying, right? Even I…am bold enough to post my very very amateurish photos on my blog…LOL…

      Hope to see more photos from you soon!! Cheers~ 😀

      PS: continue with your book reading… heheh …

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