Hurriedly Singapore; First Time Abroad

Singapore, ehm, i just read about its tourism news in relation with my country, although news that i will tell a little bit late, it is said that based on Singapore Tourism Board, at 2011, Indonesia ranked first as country who visited Singapore the most, about 2,5 million tourists, followed by China at second with 1,5 million, and Malaysia at third. I thought about it, their population just 5,312,400 million, 47% of their population, wow, i think that’s an amazing number. Almost half of their population. I just imagined how dense it was. Mmmmm.

And, here we are, me and 4 others family member,we contributed 0.0002% from that 47% Indonesian people who filled up their population density at 2011, as tourists. Maybe not like 31% Indonesian tourists who especially went to Singapore for spending their money at shopping arcade, we went there because accidentally got a promotion ticket from an infamous airline. So that accidentally case turned us into people from Indonesia who made Singapore as first abroad country they visited. So in conclusion, we just another that “most of” Indonesian. LOL.

So, here our very first experience abroad, we did it hurriedly, awkwardly, less experience, in a peculiar way and being amazed with that 710 km2  wide country. I just want to share my picture collection, its consist of adoration, grateful, rush, happy, tired, happy, happy, happy, and happy. And 5 people who felt happy were Yuna (me, navigator, guide with A4 paper printed map, investor), kak Opin (Trip Financial Adviser and treasurer), Dad (Main Investor), Kaka’ Kiki (niece, participant, the one who won our trip prize), Abang Geraldo (nephew, participant, second winner)


December 14, 2011; Arrived at Singapore  \^_^/

Yeay we put our foot out of Indonesian Map, First. Singapore Immigration

December 15, 2011; One Day Tour, wondering around Singapore… 🙂

Chinatown and surrounding
Chinatown and surrounding

Below is picture on our way to Merlion Park, as a tourist, we thought this spot as what Singapore is all about, put your stamp here as proof, you’ve been there, kekekekeke, Simple mind 😀

Mmmmm, on the way to Merlion Park, put our stamp there. LOL
Mmmmm, on the way to Merlion Park, put our stamp there. LOL
Tired Backs and faces, but happy
RafflesLandingSite, i used to hear about Raffles when i was at Elementary school? been so long
Raffles Landing Site, i used to hear about Raffles when i was at Elementary school? been so long
i love these buildings, esp the colorful one.
i love these buildings, esp the colorful one (left, middle).
Mint Toy Museum, kids time 🙂
Christmas Festive
Our Meals, yummieee
i had been captivated by they road, how it can be so neat, tidy, and clean?

December 16, 2011; Back to our beloved country, Indonesia….and we come to last photos…

mix photos
mix photos

No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow. – Lin Yutang


17 thoughts on “Hurriedly Singapore; First Time Abroad

    1. yess, buddy, we really had so much fun 🙂
      that’s what happen when you a citizen, a tourist point of view often different with the one who lives there 🙂
      me too, i really want to visit Singapore again and again, by myself..i’ll put it on my travel schedule. 🙂
      i have more reason than being a traveler or tourist right now. you 🙂 and the others, my friend who live there..

    2. Yep…perhaps when you’re here, I will have a good reason to re-visit those tourist spots…because I am really a bag of lazy bonesss….LOL….

      Cheers~ 😀

    3. aww, so it’s making me more and more to visit Singapore again. ahh, i don’t have any idea when..
      my field break schedulue already full for 1 year, hehehe. busy girl with fussy stuff 🙂

  1. Spending money for holiday with family is so worth it. The memories will remain forever :’)
    Anw you should visit Universal Studio once 😀

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