Another Challenge is Accepted: Turnamen Foto Perjalanan Ronde 16

This is my first photograph contest, it held by Trip to Trip. I’m not even suit to be categorized as an amateur nor a beginner photographer. But I encouraged myself to join this contest.  Not because I’m confidence with my photograph or start to believe of having a little bit sense of it. I just love the theme that contest offers; travel and escapism. And this is my picture.

My Sweet Escape CompanionsBali, Kute, February 1, 2013; 06:12 PM
My Sweet Escape Companions
Bali, Kute, February 1, 2013; 06:12 PM

I think there is no professional reason for this picture. I was simply choosing that picture because I just want to introduce my travel companions since I choose “My Sweet Escape Companions” as a title. Foot, shoes, book, and glasses. Those are my travel companions. I wouldn’t travel without them. My foot, set my little step to a place, to a destination, to meet the other people, to feel a new air, to see a beauty, to feel the ground, to introduce me to a new circumstances, and to so many reason that I could find when travel. Shoes, it is simply supporting my feet, giving my foot comfort. Glasses, sometimes I use this one to disguise my nervousness. LOL. Book, yess, this is something that always fills my bag wherever I go. It’s my ultimate companion.

So, the relationship between the photograph and escaping is I take my travel as escaping space. I think most of people do travel as an escaping space. Although it just last for a while. Maybe they have a little bit similarity with mine.

I’m dealing with 10 hour/day work roster (if there no re-schedule). After working about 2 months I got 2 weeks of field break. I usually took 1 week for travel. Almost of it I did alone. Sometimes I had a plan where to go, what to do, what to see. But sometimes I just let myself enough with where to go and the rest depend on my mood.

The reason is so obvious. Isn’t it? I love my job, but i love myself more. There’s a limit for my body, my brain, and my soul. Sometimes they need a break. Break from the rushing hour. Wake up everyday before dawn, deal with a tough mining people; a man ego, review yesterday work, plan for tomorrow. I do it for 2 months everyday. It’s not something that I can’t handle. It’s just tiring. Sometimes. And you can add those deals with my private life, my emotion, and my family. Oh, I just need “me time”.

While enjoying my travel time, in a crowd or just in desolate, my body, mind, and soul started to relaxation. While it all in a relaxed state, and then I could find tranquility.  And in the end I always come to the point to be grateful. Grateful for everything that has happened to me. I have a quite nice job to be grateful for. I have family who love me for whatever I’m. I have best-friends who constantly keep in touch with me. I’m healthy. There’s obstacle in front of me, but thanks God, I could face it, and it lets me grow and learn. And mainly, I’ve travel to this place, I’m grateful.

So, why did you travel?

One travels more usefully when alone because he reflects more. -Thomas Jefferson-


11 thoughts on “Another Challenge is Accepted: Turnamen Foto Perjalanan Ronde 16

  1. Way to go, girl!! Wow, that’s really a tough work but as long as you are enjoying it…that’s what’s really matter.

    Have a great day ahead, always~ Cheers!! 😀

    1. Thanks! All the best in your working, blogging and of course, all the wonderful challenges that you’ve taken up this year…Cheers!! 😀

  2. Hi Yuna! 🙂

    You are so right. It is great that you love your job, but no matter how much you love your job, it is important to put aside time for yourself and for being alone. You are very wise to do this.

    I love how you sometimes travel with no destination in mind and just go where your mood takes you. That is adventure, my friend, and I bet you meet some wonderful people that way.


    1. you are absolutely right. God has created this body, soul, and mind for us to control, but they sometimes need a rest. so that’s way the tourism board, entertainment industry, and writer exist to provide a rest spot. hehehehhe (random).

      yes, i met some wonderful people and wonderful thing. if could take this blog as a travel destination. you should include as one of them. :). sure.

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