Dragon’s Loyalty Award; Daebak!!! I’m a Nominee \^0^/

Wow, Daebak, Amazing, Gak Nyangka!!!!!


I’ve been nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award by Terry . I’ve been in this blogging-world for four months. I really enjoy blogging and its accessories.

Honestly, I don’t know what me and my blog are; to deserved this award and what is this award all about, but by its tittles, I’m really honored and fill with joy that I got one and this is my first award. This is really something that could fire me up. Whatever, I’m happy.

For Terry who nominated me, thank you. From her wonderful and full of inspiring posts, I could feel Mrs. Terry is someone thoughtful, warm heart, and considerate. This is a few things about her;

I always have been a wanderer in my mind, and think about how i would feel and am often aware of feelings of others. I enjoy writing about every day experiences. i am sure that i write about things that touch others lives. I hope you enjoy my writings.

With a humble heart I received this award and now I want to continue spread this award as the rules:

1- Display the Award Certificate on your website.

2-Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented you with the award.

3-Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers.

4- Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post.

5-Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

And I would like to nominate some of my dear friends for this award according to alphabet of their blog:








7 Things about Yuna
7 Things about Yuna

Those are little facts about me, an ordinary girl but trying to make it extraordinary on my ownJ.

Once again Thank you Terry, I really appreciate it.


21 thoughts on “Dragon’s Loyalty Award; Daebak!!! I’m a Nominee \^0^/

  1. You got the award? Sorry – these things confuse me a bit (I thought nomination meant you were in the list yet to be decided on) – another CONGRATULATIONS for you! 😀

    1. i just got the nomination, so I’ve nominated you too. i don’t know when they give the award or decided who win it *_*.
      i think so about nomination.
      Anyway thank you 🙂
      it nice though 😀

    2. I got confused by Terry’s reply, saying you did well with your first award – so I thought you had it. Oops! 😀

      It is very nice. I hope you get it. You should, your blog is a happy place.

      Cheers! 😀

    3. heheheh, everybody would get confuse too..i have it…nomination. LOL.
      anyway, even it just nomination they let me celebrate,,,maybe to spread and getting the award known :). i guess.

      ow, thank you..thank you..and thank you.
      that’s it. i want everyone who stops at my blog feel that because i think happiness is one of the main the key.

      What is the point of having everything without happiness?
      Sometimes when that ‘hapiness-less’ hit me, i feel so empty. really.

      so, I’ve been trying so hard to protect my happiness and courage being stolen by any disappointment.


    4. That is wonderful, Yuna. I love how you do that and express yourself that way.

      I wish everyone protected their happiness. That is so important.

      Cheers, my friend. 😀

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