Suddenly Bali (II); Highland to Lowland; Kintamani to Legian

Still from day I, from Tegallalang, we drove to Kintamani, northern part of Tegallalang. With window open wider, we reached higher part of Bali Island, Kintamani (1730 m above sea level). As our car approaching Mount Batur, I felt the fresh air was kissing my cheeks, and the smell was touching my nose. Enjoying the feeling, without me realizing, suddenly I’d been faced the beautiful Mount Batur.  I didn’t intent to climb its peak that time, so it was enough to feel its greatness from far (I put aside my geologist adventure for awhile). The view of Mount Batur and its lake brought tranquil. There are some geology explanations about Mt.Batur, mmmm, I just knew that it becomes one of Geotourism. Intersting!!!. It is claimed as the best volcanic scene in the world (Van Bemmelen, 1949).

Batur 1These are the explanations…

Explanation of BaturAfter collecting some pictures of Mt.Batur and pictures of me, hehehehehe, I headed for Batur Lake. I was amazed by its view and weather; refreshing and calm. From tourism brochure, there are so much “pura’ if we want to explore more. But, I was saving my energy and my time. So I just stopped at Batur Lake (I made promise to myself that I’ll be back).

Batur 2And this is the costumer wide smile 😀

Batur 4

Felt enough with both mount and lake of Batur, we drove back to Legian. At our way back, we stopped awhile at one of Luwak Coffee café and we made stop at BOSS.


That’s a nice place to have a sip of coffee; an enclosure with nature and Luwak Habitat. This café provides free tester, there were 11 kind of flavors. But, I’m sorry I love Torajan coffee more :p.

How it was made.
How it was made.

After emptying my glasses and whole tester (kekekekeke), we headed to Legian via Denpasar, I chose that route because I needed to go to Warung Chandra at Denpasar, must stop place for a pork lover *grin*. What I love from ‘Babi guling’ Chandra is we can ask the portion based on our stomach capacity. The taste of spices not much different with Bu Oka, it is more crispy and oily. It taste left longer in my mouth. I love Chandra more than Bu Oka. Mmmm. But I won’t reject any of them.

Warung Pak Chandra, Denpasar
Warung Pak Chandra, Denpasar

Then, we directly went back to where I stay, Legian. I was in rush because I didn’t want to miss sunset view near my hotel. And this is how my sunset looked like ( I couldn’t capture the sunset well because I took all of it with my mobile phone’s camera, all the pictures indeed, at least it wasn’t bad enough, I think). These are how the sky changed its colors. Minutes to sunset…Dusk ‘till the sun really tired and went to its bed in west. I did it, finally. I did what tourist or traveler or whatever does in Bali. SUNSET. Please enjoy it!!!

Double Sixs Sunset 1

Second at coast line

Double Sixs Sunset 2

Skyline first color

Double Sixs Sunset 3

Second color

Double Sixs Sunset 4

Third colorDouble Sixs Sunset 6

Last caught, it was too tired. I think.

Double Sixs Sunset 7

So, what do you think about Bali from my point of view? is it interesting? for me, yess, it is. Indeed. Thank you for traveling with me. One more day to go \^_^/.

12 thoughts on “Suddenly Bali (II); Highland to Lowland; Kintamani to Legian

  1. Definitely very interesting and love those sunset pictures….see? Din I say you have talent in photo-taking?

    Thank you for sharing~ Cheers!! 😀

  2. Beautiful mountain. Beautiful jungle view. Coffee and a pork feast. Sounds like my kind of holiday! (I love coffee and I love pork.) Great sunset photos, too, Yuna. Yes, that’s a lovely post. Thank you!

    Cheers. 🙂

    1. Indeed Allyson, even in a photograph i think it still looks stunning :).

      Wow, i love pork so much, hehehehhe and for a cup of coffee, i think it become habit.

      So, maybe that’s why people love to chase sunset. they are beautiful 🙂

      Have a nice Thursday, it almost weekend, already.

  3. Yuna! pagi ini gw pikir kok Yuna gak ada kabarnya yah? soalnya di Reader gw gak nampak. Iseng2 cek eh taunya mungkin gw gak sengaja keclick following jadi gak follow. eurgh.. ngupdate pake ipad ada untung ruginya juga. Anyay. Great post! cafe luwak gw nyesel gak kesana mearin

    1. Hi (ah baru sadar gak belom tau namanya, gw panggi apa?)
      heheheh, gak masalah.
      ah, d cafe yg mana? emng mereka nawarin tempat banget yah. tempat2nya enak bgt. tapi karna rasanya keras banget jadi gw prefer kopi Toraja (asal daerah sendiri, culas ya, hehehe)
      btw, sekarang d mana? masih di Indonesia?

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