Suddenly Bali (III); Fussy Last Day, Kute – Legian

Last day, I think in each travel, holiday, trip, or whatever we might call it, always gives me ‘I want to use it well, give it my all and my best’ spirit. Rushing with dusk, I woke up at 5.00 am and at 6.00 I was well prepared, then directly put my step out of my room. With this ’45 independence zest on me, I walk cheerfully along the empty and hallow Double Six Street Legian. I was planning to make a stop awhile at the beach because I wanted to feel the air of it at early morning and I hope it had more space and less people.

Entrance of Legian Beach
Entrance of Legian Beach

But, sometimes the world doesn’t rotate nor revolve the way we want it rotates or revolves. So it was the same that day. I was planning to go to Garuda Wisnu Kencana and Uluwatu at eastern part of Legian where I’d been stayed. Unfortunately, that cheerful step of mine gradually disappeared when the rain slowly pouring down >_<”!

I have no other choices than waited until the rain stop pouring down. I had been waiting the rain to stop about 4 hours, but it was in good mood, then I decided to killed time by looked around the traditional market close to the Kute Beach that sells so many clothes and other souvenir special from Bali. I was planning to play at beach in the rain but my conscious stopped me. It would be bad for my health. LOL.

Traditional Market near Kute Beach
few shops at traditional Market near Kute Beach

Finished with it, i had to deal with  my stomach, so i decided to have brunch, forgive me if i have to tell you that, i still had ‘Babi Guling’, AGAIN, and i chose one small place in inside traditional market. what surprised me was, even though it was a small place, i was absolutely satisfied with this dish. maybe because i wasn’t expected too much.  I love how the spices blended in my mouth, its pork was chewy and the soup more spicy than few ‘guling guling giling’ that I’d have before. *I’m drooling just by seeing the picture*.

Guling guling giling
Guling guling giling

Finally the rain stop pouring, but i already lose my spirit to go to GWK and Uluwatu, so i just fussy around Kute. I took a long walk. i entered each alley. I walked through Jalan Popies I and II. I kept on going forth and back until my stomach bell rung again. kekekekeke, then i made a stop at a restaurant and had ‘Ayam Betutu’. Its taste was O.K, not bad but i wasn’t satisfied because i had ‘Ayam Betutu’ before with a better spices. i couldn’t tell what spice its lack, all i knew that the ‘thing’ that covered the chicken missed something to my taste. “so ambiguous me* and the chicken not that soft for me. whatever it was, i still enjoyed my meal :D.

Ayam Betutu
Ayam Betutu

After having two kind dishes and completely out of my plan, I continued ‘fussying’ at Kute – Legian, i just walked with few stops as below; i didn’t know how long I’d walked back then.

Pantai Legian 1

Some people still enthusiast did surfing.

Pantai Legian 2Since i had nothing to do, i even made a snapshot of wave. -_-“! so, all i saw along beach were water, sand, and people. after kilometers walked. i reached a good spot for viewing sunset and its near my hotel. while waiting sunset, i watched them playing. Nice though.Pantai Legian 3

and here came the sunset.

Sunset Legian 2
Fishing while sunset

and here

Sunset Legianand here, one of my favorite, i love to watch people who watch sunset

Sunset Legian 3

and here, we came to my exit gate

Sunset Legian 4


16 thoughts on “Suddenly Bali (III); Fussy Last Day, Kute – Legian

    1. Abang,,aku udah balik dari Bali.
      i’m going to somewhere else next week. See you and your junior at Jakarta, May 2nd. 🙂

    1. Thank your dear friend, even though I’m an Indonesian, that was my first time too, seeing a grand entrance into a beach. i just found that on Bali, so far. i don’t travel to beach that much…not good enough to be a reference. LOL.

    2. Sometimes, travel isn’t about going to places where most people have gone to, but to find out some other wonderfulness that have been left out…

      Cheers~ 😀

    3. Sometimes, travelling isn’t about going to places where most people have gone to, but to find out some other wonderfulness that have been left out…

      Cheers~ 😀

  1. Hi Yuna!

    Ah, this is good. You made me hungry with those dishes. I would have had fun at the market, too (even if it wasn’t raining). 🙂

    That gate is amazing. Truly beautiful. I think Bali is a place full of surprises.

    Cheers! 🙂

    1. Hi Allyson,

      Me too, whenever i look at those food pictures, esp pork one. it makes me hungry too.

      I think so about the gate. that was my first time seeing a grand entrance into a beach.

      that’s what i thought about Bali. full of surprises. 🙂

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