Bali; Little Things that Attracted My Eyes

Dupa all around on the city and intersections, sculpture of gods, early morning pray, fruits stall arrangement, and crafts.

Yess, those things were captured my eyes during my trip on Bali Island, Indonesia (saying this as if I’m not an Indonesia, kekekeke). As my first time there, I couldn’t resist those sights and my mind as usual started to think random thing about it (that’s why I call it scattered mind of mind).


What first thing that caught me was dupa all around on the city and each intersection, I even found it was laying on the beach. I know that Hindu is a majority belief in Bali Island, but I’d never thought to find something like this easily before; in front of each house, in every corner, in each intersection; whether it an intersection of narrow streets or big one, we could easily found it.


Good friends of dupa were sculptures. Most of it I saw at intersection. From all of it, I like most these two sculptures. From my driver at my first day trip, those dupa and sculptures were put on each intersection especially the big one because those where the centre of their ‘perayaan’ (religious celebration or feast). That’s all (I hope I had more explanation about it T_T). I like these sculptures.


PrayWhile I was walking in early morning, they already came back from ‘pura’ or some of them were praying. Could you imagine how diligent are they? And what a grateful heart they have. They pray first in every morning and doing their business after it, whatever business they have. I was slapped seeing that. When did the last time, I woke up at early morning and gave thanks to my God for everything He has done in my life, precisely everything good in my life or bad things that let me grown up than being weary about everything that I couldn’t do well yesterday or worry about unpredictable tomorrow? Owh, that slap casted deep on my cheeks 0_0.

The road was installed with ornaments for ‘perayaan’

On another day, I was attracted by how they arrange the fruit for selling. I’d never seen a street fruit stall like this before. Usually they will put it on a basket than put it on display, but here, in Bali. I found it always like this. I don’t know if it was a meaning behind it or not. I just thought they are really diligent and neat. They always keep the display like this. it need patience to keep things as this order.


Last thing were crafts. Yes, I wonder how detail they made it. Those were I found everywhere. There, in Bali.


Oh yeah, we won’t miss street clothes stalls like these. it is a common sight at ‘tourist destination area’ all over Bali.

Street clothes stalls
Street clothes stalls

So, do you think you’ll be attracted by those things too? Those simple small things.

36 thoughts on “Bali; Little Things that Attracted My Eyes

  1. You know what, my friend? Whenever I heard of Bali in the past, the impression in my mind was “Bali=Beach”…but after reading the past three posts from you…I’ve indeed learnt more about this beautiful place. Thank you for sharing and have a great Monday ahead~ Cheers!!! 😀

    1. ow, mind if i take it as a compliment? hehehehehe, actually i don’t fond of beach that much. i just like it. So that’s why i traveled to the others area of Bali. there are much more about Bali than its beach. there are place for art, culture, and other natural beauties. i finally realized why it has been known widely. its completed and pretty well organized than the other area in Indonesia. we have much more than Bali) :).

      Plan to have a visit?
      I’ll be your guide. heheheheh. *like i know much, kekekeke*

    2. Yes, my friend…that is definitely a compliment.

      I am not too much of a fan in travelling, but if I were to go to Indonesia, you would be sure who I will be looking for…hehehe…

      Cheers~ 😀

    3. So, i thank you 😀
      owwww, thank you again. so do i, if i were going to Singapore, u’d be the one I’m visiting.

    4. hi dear friend
      i just read this. it’s been so long. i just back from field break and i got a trip 🙂

    5. Oh I see…phew…glad to hear that because it would mean more posts on your trips to be updated…hehehe…

      Hope you are still reading your books, my friend…Cheers!! 😀

    6. heheheh, yupss, i think so. there will be more posts for travel and ‘its things’. 🙂

      Yess, of course. i am. even though trip makes me getting slower ;D

      -Cheers- \^0^/

  2. Yuna, this is wonderful! I would have a great time there in those shops and markets! 😀

    It’s ture, too, we forget sometimes to be thankful for all we have. A good reminder.

    Thank you! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Allyson. actually this post was inspired by you. :D. so thanks to you as well.

      If you into something unique, i think you’d have a great time. they sell everything, though. All we need is money, oh yeah and strong leg that ready to explore each place. 😀


      Cheersss. hope u could visit Indonesia esp Bali soon 😀

    2. Hi Yuna! Wow, thank you, it is nice to be an inspiration. LOL. (That was me asking about the markets, yes?)

      Yes, I especially love unique things. 😀 The best thing of all going to a new place is being able to bring home something that you cannot get anywhere else, then it always reminds you of that wonderful visit.

      Ah, yes, money is needed, although I think it would be easy to spend lots of money there. So… strong legs to explore, and strong arms to carry all the stuff. LOL.

      You have definitely made me want to go to Bali. I hope I can, too, one day.

      Cheers! 🙂

    3. Yes, when you asked about market. since i didn’t spend much time at market, i added it with any little detail 🙂 that hard to forget 🙂

      i absolutely agree with you, Allyson.

      “The best thing of all going to a new place is being able to bring home something that you cannot get anywhere else, then it always reminds you of that wonderful visit.” –> that’s it.

      *Come to Indonesia, Ameeen*

    1. Pengennnn banget, tiketnya belom pernah ada yg promo, ini ke Bali selain ada perlu, juga nyari tiket promo, wanita yang (sukanya) murahan. 🙂

  3. Saya udah ke 4 kalinya ke Kupang (mudik, hahaha, termasuk sekarang ini, melarikan diri dari ibukota). Ke Bali malah baru sekali. Iya jarang tiket promo ke Kupang, sayang emang…

    Btw, kemaren sore liat babi nyebrang jalan raya dengan wolesnya di kota Kupang, sesuatu yang kagak bakalan ada di Jakarta 😀

    1. Aissshh…4 kali sih banyak kalo untuk mudik. Aku baru dua kali mudik ke Toraja. Iyah, beberapa bulan terakhir kepikir mau ke Kupang, soalnya bos aku orang sana ngebahas2 Kupang muludan keindahan alamnya. Jadi tersetani. Penasaran mau ke sana ih. Harus nabung dulu. Owww, babi? Itu punya tetangga yg berkeliaran bebas atau babi hutan? Kalo liar kaya menggiurkan. Hehehehe. Kalo punya tetangga nahan liur ajah udah. 😀 gak bakalan ada di kota kaya begituan.

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