Being a Clueless Paparazzi at Takeshita Street, Harajuku, Tokyo

Not a long time ago, I back from my unforgettable and wonderful trip at Japan. My friend and I made a stop at Tekeshita Street, Harajuku, Tokyo, an infamous place for having a sneak peek into unique street style of Tokyo. So, while being there, I wouldn’t miss anything because this place is something I’d been longing for to see for so long time. I took some snapshoots of them. But, because I didn’t know any of Japanese language, I took them secretly and sorry for this (I couldn’t bear have a Tarzan conversation with them because it was too crowded there).

This is how  Takeshita Street, Harajuku, Tokyo looks like

Takeshita Street

This Lolita Style, what I really wanted to see.

Lolita StyleI thought the one with Lolita Style there was a girl before, but I’d been tricked, he is completely a boy in disguised. I really wonder how he changed into that style. Salute!!

Lolita Style 2

Black Lolita Style?  I didn’t have any idea either. Mmmm.

Black Lolita

He dressed like a model. I like it 😉

Nice dressed

I‘m sorry girl, for taking your picture. You have a quite cute style.

Harajuku 1

Harajuku 5

Sorry for the inconvenience

Harajuku 4

Harajuku 2

They have their own style

Harajuku 3

Harajuku 7

The street is their runaway

Harajuku 6

I didn’t know exactly what were they trying to do, but they quite had spectators

Harajuku 8


18 thoughts on “Being a Clueless Paparazzi at Takeshita Street, Harajuku, Tokyo

  1. Wow…that is sure a lovely experience to see how much effort people are putting into their dressings…I always love to listen to my friends describing their trips to Japan for they are always filled with excitement and fun….

    Love this post!

    Have a lovely Monday, my friend! Cheers~ 😀

    1. Absolutely right. i think trip to Japan is always an interesting one. so much different things to do 🙂
      Thank you for loving it 🙂

      Have another lovely week ahead ;D

    2. In my mind, a trip to Japan is very wallet-burning…so I am just contented by listening to all those wonderful stories on the trips my friends are making….LOL…

      You too, have a great and fun week ahead! Cheers~ 😀

    3. some people said it wasn’t cost so much fortune, but for me it did :D. but Japan is really a country that I’ve been longed since high school. so i gave it my all, kekekekekek (to much).

  2. I didn’t have a chance to snap the harajuku fashion haha
    did you go to Harajuku street? just across Takeshita, there are so many cool fashion store. Most of them are second hand but really in a good condition.. So one night I went there and found so many shoes, second hand, but the price was expensive like hell, mostly around 17.000 yen.

    1. No, i didn’t go there, but my friend, because i was to busy capturing these picture stealthily, kekekekeke.

      Are you kidding me? 17,000 yen for a second hand shoes? i wouldn’t buy that shoes..I’d get at least 3 new pairs 😀

    2. ehm, shall i say, “you should buy it”?
      Oh yeah? when i didn’t recognize any of other Indonesian, i think i was to focus on stealth the quirk fashion 🙂

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