Tasting Japanese Food in Japan

Like I’ve told on my last posting, I had a trip to Japan about a month ago. There are so many things about Japan that attract me. One of them is food. I really love any kind of oriental food, including Japanese culinary. So, when I spent holiday in Japan, I tasted as many food as I could and here list of my worth trying food from Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka.

Tasting Japanese Food in Tokyo and surrounding

Pork Curry Rice at Tokyo Station.

Curry Rice TokyoI had this meal at Tokyo Station when we were waiting our bus to Kawaguchi. We didn’t mean to try this menu at first, we wanted to try ramen close to this place, but the queued up really long, and so we incidentally enter to this restaurant. But thanks God, its taste didn’t disappoint us and the place was quite cozy. This was my first time trying curry cice and I had a pork one of course. I really like the crispiness of my deep fried buttered pork and I think they didn’t use that much of spices so, I could feel the taste of bacon more. About the rice, I love it dense, so I could use the chopstick well (or that just how they have rice?,,,mmm, I don’t have any idea), about the curry itself, owch, it satisfied me so much at my first experience. I just liked that Pork curry rice the way it is.

If by any chance you went to Tokyo Station, just find this kind of restaurant if you want to have good curry rice.Curry Rice Tokyo 2

Hoto at Kawaguchi, Saitama Perfecture

HotoHoto, that was the first time I heard about Hoto, noodle base dish, special from Kawaguchiko area, about 2.5 hours westward of Tokyo. A little bit different with ramen, Hoto has a thicker and wider noodle. I think its a little bit chewer than ramen. In a big bowl of Hoto we could find so many kinds of vegetables, and I love it, there were beans, carrot, cabbage, green bean, mustard, spring onion, and sliced cucumber. In addition, there were slices of tofu. What was shocking us at first is Hoto was served in a really big bowl, I thought if for 2 persons. What I love from Hoto is its simple taste, maybe almost plain, I think that’s quite suitable for a cold highland like Kawaguchi ko, I don’t need something with so much spices at a place like that, I just need something that warms me and refreshes my belly. When we try Hoto in Kawaguchi, I think we find “A right meal in a right place”.

Hoto 2This cozy and comfy restaurant is something we must visit while wondering the great Mount Fuji at Kawaguchiko because we can just get Hoto there. At Kawaguchi ko Area. It is located exactly in front of Kawaguchiko Station.

Pork Ramen at Akihabara, Tokyo

Speaking of Japan, we couldn’t miss ramen. I had two ramen at Tokyo, Odaiba and Akihabara. But I loved my Pork Ramen at Akihabara more than the one I tried at Tokyo Diver City Odaiba. Both ramen that I had were Pork Ramen. What was that I love more at Akahibara is its broth and ramen itself. Ramen broth at Akihabara was clearer and it didn’t have so many spices, so I could feel a strong taste of pork at its broth and I love it more.Ramen Akihabara

Varied Sushi at Tsujuki Fish Market, Tokyo

This widely known dish from Japan is another thing that we have to try. So, we did it. We went to the biggest fresh fish market to taste sushi, Tsujuki Fish Market at Tokyo. Because one and another reasons, we chose Yamazaki Sushi Restaurant (the other, like usual, had a long queued up, we treasure our time more than our taste). While waiting for few minutes, we had our welcoming drink, Ocha. Having hot ocha in cold weather of Tokyo was quite refreshing. That was our first real sushi experienced, so we tried packet of varied sushi that suggested by chef. There were tuna, giant scallop, salmon, prawn, crab, squid, octopus, yellow fish, egg cake (rolled fried egg), and salmon roe in one packet of sushi. For first time experience that wasn’t bad meal. I enjoyed almost the whole sushi, except salmon roe (I couldn’t stand its smell). In other hand, wasabi that prepared along with sushi (hot spice, Japanese special green chilly), ehmm, that would be the last time I tried it. I didn’t like wasabi mixture of hot and bitter taste.Yamazaki Sushi

Besides all that food, I tried others meals and snack in Tokyo. Not on my favorite list, but quite good to have as experience 🙂

Tokyo delicasies

Tasting Japanese Food in Kyoto

From Tokyo we headed to southwestern area, Kyoto. We could feel Japan’s vintage atmosphere here, but unfortunately, my friend and I couldn’t taste the old taste of Kyoto since we lack of time. So we just ate at place that we saw intriguing.

Grilled Pork Rice with Tofu and Soup Miso

Lunch di KyotoAnother rice dish that I loved. Maybe we could tell just by seeing the picture. I love the grilled pork, the taste and it was really soft. In other hand, tofu at this place didn’t meet my expectation because tofu is one of Kyoto specialty, but actually I didn’t taste its special, just like another tofu that I’ve tried.Lunch2

Since we just spent one day in Kyoto, we didn’t taste its meals that much. Here the others meals that I’ve tried and like at Tokyo, quite good for experiencing.Kyoto

Tasting Japanese Food in Osaka

Finally we reached southern part of Kyoto which is infamous for its food, Osaka. Quite much meal we’d tried here.

Okonimiyaki at Dotonbori

Okonomiyaki 2During our trip at Osaka, Okonomiyaki was one of few things we looked for and this is the most favorite dish I had there. We tried 2 kinds of Okonomiyaki; Original which is full with vegetables like sliced cabbage, sliced leek, onion, and mushrooms and Seafood Okonomiyaki with squid, octopus, and prawn in it. From this two kinds of Okonomiyaki, I love seafood the most.

Takoyaki at Jan Jan Yakocho Street

This fried buttered octopus in circular shape is something that we can’t separate from Osaka delicacies. it can be easily found at Osaka street stall. Takoyaki at Osaka was different with one I tried in Indonesia. It’s fried buttered so much soft and its melting while we are chewing it.Takoyaki

Varied Kushikatsu at Jan Jan Yakocho Street.

KushikatsuWe have this dish for breakfast. Kushikastu is a skewed deep fried meat or vegetables (usually any kind of mushroom) and served with black salted sauce. Not my favorite but not bad for trying too.Kushikatsu 2

And here some my meals experiencing at Osaka.

Osaka delicasies

So, that was my experience of tasting Japanese food in Japan, hope you like it, or do you have another experience story?


18 thoughts on “Tasting Japanese Food in Japan

    1. heheheheh, yes, i do.
      i maintain to have one trip when i get my field break. 😀
      i love it too when someone enjoy reading my post 😀
      Thank you for reading it kindly and leave nice comment 🙂

    1. Yes, i was a long queue up, even in the early morning. We couldn’t cope up with the queue :)…
      Was that the one that recommended by Claudia Kaunang in her book (my friend is a fan of CK book for Japan, but i haven’t read any of her book)?

    1. Hi Miseol,
      how can i miss this comment? I see it now because I link it to my last post. 😀 😀
      Okay, I’ll post more about Japanese food, so you have mountain of food wish list. 😀 😀

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