Enjoying Lok Baintan Floating Market, Banjarmasin, South Borneo

Speaking of Banjarmasin, Capital City of South Borneo Province, we couldn’t separate with its quite unique and infamous floating market. There are two floating market in Banjarmasin City; at Muara Kuin and Lok Baintan. A few days ago, Liz and I made a trip to one of them; Lok Baintan Floating Market.

In order to catch up with floating market activities, we woke up at 4:00 am because it operates from about 5:00-08:00 AM every day. So, racing with the sun, we headed to Banua Anyar, where our rent “klotok” was waiting for us (actually, it was paid by Liz’ office, kekekeke)Duk

this I how klotok looks from the inside
this I how klotok looks from the inside

It took about one hour to reach Lok Baintan Port, where the floating market lies. Even though it took so long time, I still enjoyed the view at riverside. People already did their business at early morning. They was taking bath, doing laundry, washing dishes, and doing the other activities, or just pondering at their veranda. It easily shown that their really depend on the river.

they main door facing the river


About 6:00 am we saw the figure of Lok Baintan Port, the center of Floating Market activities. We  were so happy for seeing how the transaction happened, they traded. I thought it was so traditional. Most of them were selling daily necessity like vegetables, fruits, Banjarmasin food specialty, and some people still selling wood for cooking.

Floating Market 1

Floating Market 3

Floating Market 4

They didn’t being bothered by many tourists that were trying to get close to them in many angles. They took it as an opportunity for offering their goods to us.

Floating Market 5

Floating Market 6

Floating Market 6b

I tried some snacks, I already familiar with most of it since I was born and raised in Borneo Area.

Floating Market 8We took a break awhile from Klotok (wooden boot with machine) and enjoyed the view of Banjarmasin River and its activity from veranda one of shop that sells coffee and other meals while sipping a cup of coffee. It gave such a refreshing feeling when the breeze greeted me. Sitting quietly and thought about it again, sometimes happiness appears just as simple as that. Yes, indeed.

Floating Market 9

Floating Market 13

Floating Market 14

After sipping our morning coffee, we took a walk to Lok Baintan Wooden Hanging Bridge. If only it wasn’t that gloomy, the view would be much more beautiful than this.

Hanging Bridge1_view

Hanging Bridge

Hanging Bridge1

As the sun was rising higher, the market activity was slowly disappearing, giving us sign to leave the place too.

Floating Market 15

Floating Market 16

Floating Market 17

Floating Market 18

Even though I was a little bit disappointed at first about their number, I still enjoyed their activities. I kept me wondering and being amazed with the remaining number of them, how the culture still survives in the middle of this developing city; Looking at the elderly women with their characteristic clothes, traditional small boat without machine which they called Jukung, those hats, and this simple activity. I really wondered and amazed.

Floating Market 7

Such a wonderful experience.


6 thoughts on “Enjoying Lok Baintan Floating Market, Banjarmasin, South Borneo

  1. Hmmm…I always wonder how it feels like to sit on a sampan…will I topple for my sense of balance isn’t too good…lol…

    Thank you for sharing with us another wonderful and lovely trip of yours, my friend.

    Cheers!! 😀

    1. hehehhe, i would give an interesting experience for the first timer. no, you won’t topple. even though it’s small, it’s quite balance. 😀

      you are welcome and i won’t stop thanking you back for always appreciate it 🙂

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