Random Sweet Escape to Banjarmasin, South Borneo

Have you ever had an eager to escape from something? Especially from routine, even though that routine is something you love to do? I’ve been in that condition so many times (guess I don’t love my job that much? Kekekekeke). A week ago, after spending 3 fierce days for asking a day off from my boss without informing my real reason for taking it (naughty employee), I made another escape and I called it a sweet escape and the place was Banjarmasin, South Borneo.

I called it sweet escape because since 7 months ago, from the very first time I put my little step on South Borneo, where I work right now, Banjarmasin and surrounding area already on my travel wish list. Banjarmasin and surrounding area have so many astonish things to offer such as floating market, Martapura (Diamond Town), Meratus Complex,  river adventure, beaches, handicraft and art, culture, culinary, historical places, and many more. So, why couldn’t it become on my list?

Our first escape was Floating Market in Lok Baintan.

Floating Market 3Floating market is Banjarmasin’s main tourist attraction. There are two floating market; at Kuin and Lok Baintan. Lok Baintan was the one we were visited. To catch up with unique trading culture of Banjar tribe, we had to wake really early at morning, I think, even the sun hadn’t prepared to rise that time. LOL.

Taking one hour trip via river, we reached Lok Baintan Port, centre of floating market. Buying some delicacies of Banjarmasin, took as many moment as we could, enjoyed the activity of the market while sipping our instant coffee, until its slowly disappearing when the sun slowly appearing and brightened the day.

Floating Market 7

My best travel mate ever 🙂 Liz

Got enough with floating market, Liz and I continued our trip to Martapura, the Town of Diamond, about 40 km eastward. Kampung Pumpung (Pumpung Village, where people mine diamond manually) and the craft market were set on our next GPS map destination.

Second escape; Martapura, the Town of Diamond

To Martapura
To Martapura

Guided by limited GPS, we found where exactly “Cahaya Bumi Selamat Souvenir and Craft Market” in one hour later. Unfortunately, we had to remove Pumpung Village due to our limited time. So, in order to optimize our trip, Liz and I were leisurely strolling around the market, hunting souvenir, and trying others domestic culinary. Even though Martapura main offering is diamond in varied carat and prices, there were so many things to bring back home in this market like handicraft from rottan, dried wood skin, rocks, and fabric. Besides diamond, the other handicraft prices in this market are cheaper than in the other places.

The Market
The Market

Finished with shopping, we bought some snacks specialty of South Borneo (I didn’t take the picture all of snack that I bought).


sign of the market
sign of the market

Final escape destinations, Kampung Sasirangan, Masjid Sabilal Muhtadin , and Taman Siring


Headed back to Banjarmasin city was our plan for last escape destination. Actually there is much too see there, but once again, our limited time became our barrier for seeing all of the places and experiences that Banjarmasin could offer to us. Kampung Sasirangan, Masjid Sabilal Muhtadin, and Taman Siring were chosen because it closes one to another.

Kampung Sasirangan is a place which produces “Kain Sasirangan” traditionally. It is produced by dipping tied fabric in a colored liquid where the colored liquid is extracted from natural coloring material. And the pattern which is resulted by this process differ depends on how it’s tied, the material of tie, material of fabric, and material of colored liquid.

Kain sasirangan borrowed thi picture from http://nor-ramsiah-sasirangan.blogspot.com/2013/03/pameran-nor-ramsiah-sasirangan.html
Kain sasirangan
borrowed the picture from

Masjid Sabilal Muhtadin is the largest and mosque in Banjarmasin.

Taman Siring, river side area, a rest area, place for refreshing. At night we could find many street food stalls. We could enjoy any kind of food with river view.



Those were my escape routes. Do you want to escape with me? LOL. Be my guess.


46 thoughts on “Random Sweet Escape to Banjarmasin, South Borneo

  1. I do hope your boss doesn’t get to read this post…LOL…naughty gal…but then, we wouldn’t get to read this wonderful post if you didn’t fight for the day off…awww….life is just filled with so many dilemmas…hehe…

    What a majestic sign for a market…interesting…

    As usual, thank you for sharing with us your lovely trips…Cheers!! 😀

    1. Hi Wendy, i think it would be hard for them to find my blog since they don’t use blog 😉
      if they were, just take it as my bad luck. LOL.

      and for me, as usual, for me, thank you for reading it wholeheartedly 🙂

    1. Hi Dear Friend,

      Thank you for asking it, i yess, i just back from my 2 weeks field break. since that’s the only time for me meeting my family and friend, i don’t do the other things. hehehehe.

      i miss his blog “things”

    2. Great to know you are finally back, my friend!!! Can’t wait to read more posts from you soon…hehehe….

      Cheers!!! 😀

  2. I want an escape like that too
    Wow! i’d never heard of the floating markets :O
    these are oh-so-amazing.
    Girl! You rock it!! Wish you loads more escapes 😀 and hoping to see more of ur posts

    1. Come to Indonesia :D, i just read besides South Borneo, Central Borneo has floating market too, with different sense.

      i have so many escape stories to tell right now, I’m sorting it out 😀

    2. Ohh I cant wait to read them ^^,

      Reading (these escape stories) alone provides me an escape from my surrounding & environment for a moment, I could imagine it all around me, the energy and the PEACE

    1. Gw gak punya pinterest, soalnya banyak banget kayanya media social yg akan di maintain kalo kebanyakan. ntar aku pajang di sini ajah kerajinannya detail. Khusu, tapi gak ada proses-nya. langsung hasilnya 🙂

    1. AAwwww, nice to hear that you love my adventures because i love it too :D.
      so, more adventures stories to come.
      to tell the truth, when i wrote this post, i remember you too because i still remember that you love markets (at my Bali edition, :D)

    2. Really? How wonderful! That is kind of you. Markets are fascinating places, and I always look for special things.

      Yes, I like your adventures and I am glad there will be more to come. 😀

    3. Ooh, terima kasih for another word.

      Sangat – very

      Please help me with bersemangat – I have it written down, but I have the meaning wrong, I think.

      Would that be like very eager, or very pleased?


    4. Oh okay,
      i used ‘bersemangat’ for saying that i have the spirit “semangat”
      ber- is a preposition, when we use ber+noun, it means the word contain the noun.
      ah, i hope i explain it well.

    5. Of course! “Semangat!” is in there.

      So bersemangat means you’re telling me you are feeling that sense of cheer – happiness. You are owning that emotion, it’s yours. Like that?

    6. ah, yes, absolutely right.
      Thanks God i have a conversation with penulis keren (cool writer), so she wraps up each word together well. 😀

    7. LOL. Very nice.

      penulis = writer (I’m associating with “pen”, but could be totally wrong here) and keren = cool ??? Just checking. 😀

    8. no..the basic word is tulis=write, pe+tulis–> penulis (writer). Pe+verb (in Bahasa) is equal verv+er (in English).

      Yes, keren=cool.

      Bagus Sekali Allyson (Very nice/good, Allyson)

    9. Ah! Interesting.

      pe- = a person who does
      tulis = write

      penulis – writer – so the “t” becomes an “n” as well.

      I can see much thinking ahead. 😀

      Terima kasih!

    10. Wow, Luar biasa (amazing)

      you even got it? there are some letters that turn in to “n” when we add “pe-“.


    11. Off topic, Yuna. I see you are reading a terrible book (my opinion – Nineteen Eight-Four is miserable and hard to read).

      Don’t put it aside, finish the rotten thing, then let me know and I’ll send you a GREAT book. 😛

      It’s just a suggestion. Heehee! 😀

    12. Thank you for the clue Allyson,

      you are absolutely right, honestly i had tried to read it before, until page 45, but i didn’t go anywhere while reading it. so i stopped reading, changed it in to 3 new books, and now i am trying to re-read it, even thought my reading speed is getting slowly, -_-“!.

      i think i won’t put it aside since i have started it, I’ll finished it as soon as possible.

      Terima kasih banyak (thank you so much) 😀

    13. Iya, Saya tahu. Is it always “t” to “n”? Other letters, too would be baik to tahu.

      Ah – with “pelajaran” = would that be “learning” and/or “learner” then? Pe-lajaran? If so “learn” would be lajaran, but possibly with a different first letter – maybe “n”? Najaran? (I’m guessing again. LOL).

      Am I on the right track? 🙂

      As for 1984, Iya, if you’re going to read, get it out of the way, then you’ll never have to look at it again. Of course, you don’t have to finish a book you don’t like – you could be wild and daring and throw it away. But only you can decide.

      At least you’ll have something good to read to look forward to. 😀

    14. Yes, for “t” it always turns in to “n”, ehm, i’ll find the other letters (i’ll remember when i use it)

      ehm, sorry, that isn’t the way it has to be.
      the basic word is ajar = study or learn
      pe+ajar –> pelajar = sstudent/learner
      pe+ajar+an will become a noun –> pelajaran = lesson
      “lajaran” is no exist.

      Amazing Allyson, you really amazing, you can learn it just by read. owww, cool.

      about 1984, i’ll see how far i could handle it, kekekeke

    15. Ah – okay. It’s good [baik] that “t” always turns into an “n” (easy to remember).

      Terima kasih or correcting me – I must not get ahead of myself (I got excited when I saw the “pe” in “pelajaran”.

      🙂 🙂 🙂

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