Give Thanks and That’s All!

I think i just passed what i called a little bit bitter life. I “think” there are so many things that went wrong. Things that I think are not right, not the way I wanted it to be. Bitter, disappointed, down, upset, and hollow. I thought the ground where my feet lie was shaking and I lost my strength and my struggling spirit was gone.  But one day, when I was about too loose my hope and my faith, I heard this song beautifully sung by the fellowship at my cousin’s place. He was held a give thanks fellowship of his graduation. I didn’t notice this song at first since I didn’t know from the very first song they sung.  so, when I keep in silent, I heard every single song they sung, when I heard this one, the rhythm and lyric have given back my strength, hope, and faith. It reminded me again. Life is sure full of the things that never been so easy to be accomplished. Or everything sure has its own time and it isn’t according to me. It according to The One who created it.

Give thanks The song in Bahasa (Indonesian language) and I tried to translate in English on my own understanding or the way I want to understand it (I think this song is originally in English). It is from “NKB 133 : 1,3; Syukur Pada-Mu Ya Allah”.

Captured and owned by Liz

See, the whole song reminds me to give thanks for everything that happened or I think, okay, maybe someday I couldn’t suddenly give thank for something really bad that would be happened, but at least I shouldn’t complain.


20 thoughts on “Give Thanks and That’s All!

  1. A thankful person is a happy person! Life is full of ups and downs, my friend…hope your heart is at peace now.

    Take care and be well! 😀

    PS: A lovely and inspiring post via your feelings…thank you for sharing! Cheers~ 😀

    1. Yess, my friend, life is really full of ups and downs.. Mayve the point is how we face it. Overcome it or being overcomed by it. 😀

      Nice to have any support like that. I’m at peace right now.

      You already know that i’m happy when i can share a nice thing 🙂


    2. Indeed. we already knew that happiness is stated of mind. but sometimes our mind beaten by our emotions.
      yeaaah..that’s life


    1. Selamat Pagi Allyson,
      yess, indeed, that was the way i feel. you say it precisely :D. i looked like that.
      Thank you Allyson 😀

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