A Little Taste of Bugis, South Celebes

My dad is a Bugis and my mom is a Torajan, after sharing foods that my mom used to cook, now i want to share what my dad’s line delicacies. Both of them are from South Celebes though.


Buras is the at the top left
Buras is the one at the top left

Banana leaf wraped mushy rice which is cooked with coconut milk. I think this carbohydrate contained meal is one of most infamous from Bugis. We usually make this for special occasion since it is not easy to make and spend more time. But i guarantee that each sweat drop and time would be not wasted because the savoury won’t leave your tongue :D.

Lapa – lapa

Lapa - lapaWhile Buras is wrapped with banana leaves, Lapa – lapa is wrapped with palm leaves, even though it is also cooked with coconut milk, we couldn’t use just any rice because, use glutinous rice for Lapa – lapa. So, it officially will be a little bit harder to chew. But, what i love about lapa – lapa is we could eat it without any side dishes. I could it as I eat snack (kekekeke)

Grated Galangal (ginger Ale) and Lemongrass Duck

While having Buras or Lapa – lapa as carbohydrate supplier on our plate, we have to have side dishes. My dad loves to have dried side dishes for both Lapa – lapa and Buras. So, having fried grated galangal and lemongrass duck is the best companion.

IMG_20120819_122635We couldn’t resist the taste of fried duck but what if it is added with galangal (ginger ale) and lemongrass? Uhm, I just couldn’t forget how hot, spicy, and fresh galangal and lemongrass are. It just so irresistible taste.

About a year ago, I sneaked into my aunty kitchen while making lapa – lapa and grated galangal, lemongrass duck, and these are the ingredients. Intriguing spices!!!

SpicesTape Ketan Hitam (Fermented black glutinous rice)

Finish with main dishes, have fermented black glutinous rice is really wonderful. Its blended taste of sour from fermentation and sweet from glutinous black rice is so refreshed.

TapaiCoto Makassar

Coto Makassar \^0^/, yippieee, I just couldn’t left this dish behind when talking about Bugis and its delicacies. Coto Makassar is a coconut milk soup, the different is the meat contain. Maybe for unfamiliar one, this dish is not so arousing because it is contained cow’s innards besides the meat, such as liver and lung.

Coto Makassar

Enough. My saliva is about to fall down.

Oh yeah, I remember all of those meals because based on our National Calendar, tomorrow is going to be a Eid Fitr, a Moslem religious celebration. Even though I’m a Christian, some of our family are Molsem and celebrate that holy day. On that day, we usually give greet one to another and those meals will come up too.

So for my family and my friends who celebrate the holy day,

Selamat Hari Idul Fitri, Maaf Lahir Batin, and God Bless ^__^


13 thoughts on “A Little Taste of Bugis, South Celebes

  1. Hope you’ve enjoyed this festive season of yours! Cheers~ 😀

    PS: We have a place called Bugis in Singapore, did you manage to visit it while you were previously here?

    1. Unfortunately, i didn’t because i was locked at site 😐

      Ah, Bugis St? of course, we make stop at the flea market there, but we didn’t spend long time there since it was crowded that time.

      PS: i want to re-visit it again 😀 if i go without parent or children 😀

    2. Gosh~ Hmm…then I do hope you will be able to have fun in the field break during end of this month!

      Take care and be well! Cheers~ 😀

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