Touchdown, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

A year ago, on this day (October 11, 2013) was the first time I laid my feet on others-third-country-I-want-to-live-in ground’s Australia, to be precise Sydney. Over five years of dreaming, 8 months of waiting and preparing, finally it’s done (or at least casted my feet on its ground is counted). Feeling the spring breeze for the first time and honestly the cold air chilled through my bone by my thin and not so supporting cardigan for the season.

Forget about that windy cold air, I enjoyed every first moment during our trip there, especially the first half day. Landed around 11 am, we were rushed to baggage claim, and then immigration. At first I was so nervous because my friend told me that Australia’s immigration really strict about things that we brought into the country. I was afraid my things were prohibited and I’d get fine, but I passed it, even though they stopped me for a while because of those leftover breads in my carry bag. LOL.

Welcome to Sydney
Welcome to Sydney

Passed the immigration, met my friend Ibam, we hurriedly fulfilled our pages itinerary with The Rocks and Circular Quay as our first destination. There were so many things we have been seen, so many pictures were taken, and so many memories were collected, so here i want to share some of them, the things that hardly to forget.

How delicious our first quirky lunch was.

Arrived at The Rocks about 1 pm, the first target was to fill our belly. We were openly agreed to whatever restaurant that Ibam offered to us as long as it local delicacies and he offered us Pancake restaurant at Metacalfe Arcade. First, we thought it was unusual menu for lunch, it was for breakfast, but Ibam convinced us that we would not regret having it for lunch. So there we were, really without regret because we had a delicious lunch in the second floor of cozy restaurant with portion that enough to accommodate our next nonstop five hours walking tour.

Lunch at Metacalfe Arcade
Lunch at Metacalfe Arcade

Happily received what Sydney Harbour Bridge offered to us

Finished lunch, we directly went to Sydney Harbour Bridge at the western of The Rock area. I enjoyed walking through the world’s largest steel arch bridge and seeing people jogging, group who was taking the bridge climbing tour, the other people who shared the same view with me, and being captivated by the clear view of Sydney Central District while having a memorable sweet chit-chat with Ibam, when the spring breeze busily touched my skin and one, or two, or three times stopped at the area that we thought best to have our picture taken.

Sydney Harbour Bridge and the view
Sydney Harbour Bridge and the view

Relished walking through Historical Building at The Rocks

Tidy and neat road, fresh air, bright blue sky, spring breeze and its smell what made me relished walking through the historical path of The Rocks, from Campbell storehouse which was built at 1839 to Susanna Place museum as a mark of building at 19ies centuries which is proved the richness of Sydney community at that time. As I’m getting much older, i always been amazed and amused just by seeing a historical building stands sturdy, wherever and whenever i see it. Not to mention every story that had happened inside the building because I’m bad at memorizing something especially history (I’m really bad at history while i was a student, until now I guess), I would be simply happy  with my thought that it have been overcame so many things without being destructed. Even though only its remains, it proves me that building is tough enough just to be decayed by the time, so that’s why it has its own value (what I’ve been talking about?).

The Rocks and surrounding
The Rocks and surrounding

Had my picture taken in front on Sydney’s icon in every possible angle

Sydney Opera House in every angle
Sydney Opera House

Yes, maybe it was the most important thing for a new traveller like me; ‘take your picture in front of most notable (iconic) spot’. Since both Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House are the most iconic spot in Sydney, as usual my friend and I happily got our picture taken in every possible angle that we thought would be resulted a nice photograph. Maybe it was a big NO for some travellers, but we love to do that kind of thing, to our pleasure and to keep it as one of our happy moment.

We and Sydney Icons
Us and Icon of Sydney

Inhaled the refreshing cool air of Royal Botanical Garden

Royal Botanical Garden
Royal Botanical Garden

Satisfied enough with our all around photo shot at Sydney best icon, we continued walking to the western area. Our main target was Mrs. Macquaries’s Chair or point. We were allured by widely advertised of how beautiful the sunset from that point. So, to reached that point from Sydney Opera House we had to pass Royal Botanical Garden. Maybe Royal Botanical Garden not as beautiful as what i imagined, but it wasn’t bad either. The widely spread grass with some suitable big trees position was a nice place to relax and have some fresh air with a calm view of Farm Cove. It would have been a perfect resting time if we had prepared some packed meals.

Royal Botanical Garden and its view
Royal Botanical Garden and its view
Beautiful sight from Royal Botanical Garden
Beautiful sight from Royal Botanical Garden

Ending the day beautifully from Mrs Macquaries Point

When the sun was about to disappear at the west, we rushed to the Mrs. Macquaries’s Chair. On the way, I have been amazed by group of people who had high enthusiastic in doing sport (running), even though the sun almost set. Salute.

DSCN7204In the end, we reached the edge of the Mrs Macquaries road and the first thing we searched was a chair. Funny, weren’t we? Because we thought it was really a chair, instead of exposed sandstone that had been formed into a chair like spot.

Mrs Macquaries Point3Whatever it was, finally we decided we reached our last first day point.

Mrs Macquaries Point2
View from Mrs Macquaries Point

While the sun slowly resting to the west and dispersing its beautiful light between the blank steel space of Sydney Harbour Bridge and some of it changing the colour of the sky and even the roof of Sydney Opera House, we took our photograph to commemorate our first time, first day we laid our feet on the Sydney’s ground. Our first long trip.


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