Pieces of My Memory of Canberra

Another destination, another story, another memory, and I’m recollecting the scattered pieces of it.

Long tunnel

When we about to leave Sydney for Canberra, we passed a tunnel, my friend said that was a longest tunnel in Sydney. I forget what its name, and all I can remember is Ibam needed about 5 minutes to get us crossing the tunnel. It was suffocating for me, for being quite a long time in the darkness while moving. Not a good started for a first time travelling, but worth of experience.

TunnelLake George

The roadsides from Sydney to Canberra really fed up my eyes with beauties. Even though I grown up in a country of forest and its stuff, I loved the sights of our trip roadsides; while the angus and sheep eating on wide grass carpet and the hills were taking  its role as the green grass carpets limits with the sky. Fresh, clean, tranquil, and beautiful. Simple beauty.

Lake GeorgeBefore arriving at the rest area, I was stunned by one amazing sight; Lake George. One amazing view with wide grassy land which was half covered by trapped water and the giant windmills stood sturdy on the hilly contour as my view background. Stunning. It brought me to the imagination of somewhere in my childhood book or novel collection about living in a ranch with everything that couldn’t make you trade the life with anything.

Orange Tulip and Vary of White Flowers on Floriade Festival

One reason why we spent holiday in Australia last year was annual Floriade Festival at Canberra. It because Liz (my best travel mate) really loves tulip and that festival offered what she fond of and for me; Australia is one of my interest. And then, there we were.

First, I didn’t expect much for Floriade because I don’t have special bond with flowers, especially tulip (the simple white flowers will work on me). But it doesn’t mean I don’t like flower, I just don’t love it that much either. I just cherish it presence. I like the way flowers make its surrounding beautiful and more colorful. So, during Floriade festival, any kind of white flowers and orange tulip were allured me.

FlowersHouse of Representatives and Senat

I absolutely have no politic reason neither about memorizing those stuffs from our Canberra trip nor while having tour in to Australian Parliament House because I have zero knowledge about that world and I have no interest on politic (my bad side). The memories that left are my thoughts about it; both sides of chamber. I wondered what those chambers had been through until then; each of it has their own history. The history that set the future of Australia, in general, and the world, in particular.

Parliament HouseWall of Honour (Australian War Memorial)

PlaqueHonour is honour. No other words could explain it well.

Wall of honourThe Black Duck

While seeing these pair of duck, story of “Ugly Duckling” crossed my mind. Honestly, I’d never seen black duck until I saw those floated beautifully on the lake. So, when I saw it, I have this thought; “actually, the ugly duckling from the story was like this, ehm, it doesn’t look that ugly, though. It just has different beauty. Its own charm.”

Lovey doveyGarden of Australian Parliament House

During our tour in Australian Parliament House, we caught a glimpse of garden from a glassed window. I envied every worker in that place for having such a tranquil garden to rest in working hour.

GardenRooftop of Australian Parliament House

IMG_0659A rooftop with soft grass carpet surrounded by wonderful view was what I envy the most from Australian Parliament House worker.

Roof topDandelion

What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again. –Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay-

BlewDoesn’t the dandelion give that feeling within its wild, free, beauty, and tough characters, does it?

The Road

A merry heart doeth good like medicine; but a broken spirit drieth the bones. –Proverbs 17:22 (KJV)-

I always feel it when I enjoy my travel time, and life in general. In that state, even passing the road like once I had in Canberra seemed so wonderful and the surrounding was so beautiful. Besides that, his road gave me a romantic feeling.

The roadp.s Thanks to Lizty for most of the pictures here.

Those were my memories. What’s yours…

Our memories are the only paradise from which we can never be expelled. –Jean Paul Richter-


28 thoughts on “Pieces of My Memory of Canberra

  1. Hi Yuna!

    This is a lovely story. I was born in Canberra – and Greg works there (he drives in daily from New South Wales where we live).

    A certain times of the year, the trees are really beautiful. The “black ducks” are black swans, though. I do love them, too.

    Cheers! 🙂

    1. Selamaat Pagi Allyson,

      Aw, thank you so much Allyson. So, you was born in a beautiful and clean place. i really love the spring air. Is it so far from where you both live, isn’t it?

      ah, so those were black swans *blushing*, thank you for the information 😀 😀

      Cheers \^0^/

    2. Selamat Sore, Yuna. 🙂

      Canberra is a clean place, but the shopping is not as exciting as in Sydney or Melbourne. 😀

      Easy mistake to make on the black swans. Their feathers are curlier than white swans have, so they do look different in more than just color. You were right to think of the story of the ugly duckling, though, because the ugly ducking grew up to be a swan!


    3. Selamat Sore, Allyson

      Yes, there were no shopping place when we were there, or it just we didn’t find any, or we didn’t have any idea where it was. But i didn’t shop much in Sydney either because first, i just shop when it’s necessary, second, Sydney was too pricey 😀 😀 for a budget traveler like us kekekekeke.

      Ow, the feather “thing” is something new for me. thank you for additional information, Allyson.

      Yes, it grew up to be a swan. what a meaningful story. 😀 😀

    4. It is a long way for Greg to drive there and back every day, but it allows us to be in the country.

      After living in the wilderness, I cannot live in a city any longer, nor even on the edge of it. 🙂

    1. Good Morning Wendy,
      hi, it’s so nice to “see” you around again.
      Welcome 😀
      miss your posts so much 🙂

      lets create wonderful memory 🙂

  2. More great Australia. Was this trip recent? I immediately noticed they have a Lake George. We do to, fairly close to my home. It’s a summer destination and that’s when we had up there. Do you know who that Lake George was named after? Ours was finally named after King George II, of course British.
    As for the black swan/ducks(!) – they are beautiful! I’ve never seen them either.
    I love the dandelion quote and you are so cute in the picture!

    1. Thank you Moore :D,
      it was about a year ago, precisely October 13, 2012. Really? that’s so cool, i really envy you for that because i always dream of having a house (on my own) which is surrounded by lake. The lake was named after King George III of United Kingdom, successor of King George II?, (it is said) when he was touring the area as a part of Royal Commission.
      i think i need to change the duck with swan :), indeed beautiful and elegant with that long neck, solid black color, and outstanding red “lips”, kekekekeke.
      Me too, i love the quote too, i wrote it almost in every spot i have for writing. That was the strongest final quote in a book that I’ve read, so far (or it just appeared at the perfect time for me).

      Thank you, Moore *blushing and happy for the compliment*

      Lets create more wonderful memory ^_^

    1. Hi Shakti,

      Thanks for reading this post and the compliment. Happy, really, because i had been dreaming about it for a long long time :D. Thank you for asking, it is so nice to recall a wonderful memory

  3. Hi Yuna – I have just heard about the big storm there (I don’t watch television, so I heard about it late). I hope you and your friends and loved ones are all okay. I’m thinking of you! Take care!

    1. Selamat Siang Allyson,
      hi nice to see this blog world again. thank you for your nice concern Allyson, my family, my friend, and me are well. we are so far from the storm. it just i haven’t been able to do some post update.

      Take care and have a nice day 😀

    1. Happy December Wendy and CNC Fashion,

      Hi hi hi, thank you so much, i replied it on the post.
      i accepted it gratefully 😀
      thank you so much for sharing the love, sharing the award with me 😀

      Have a wonderful day 😀

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