What’s in your bag?

“Yuna, what’s in your bag?”, “Do you fill it with all of the stuff in your room?”, “Did you just move all of your closets contain to your bag? Or what I am seeing is you bring your closet?”, “Why bother?” I answer (in my thought).

Those are the questions I heard the most when people (colleagues) saw my bag (handbag). Okay, maybe they just wanted to throw some jokes to me and when they played the joke I’ve never been bothered to answer it because honestly it bothered me, especially when they played it repeatedly. Sometimes I just gave them my sweet smile and often sour smile or smirk. Why they bother so much anyway.

Ehm, I’ve never thought before that my big bag could bother so many people. I thought it just okay unless it harms someone. I never knew the effect of curiosity it arises, my bag. And me, rather than answered their question, I went surfing what the psychological reasons behind someone who loves big bag or, and here what I found (I like to play quizzes like this, like to know what psychologist tells about my hobby, my habit, just for fun);

Here, I’ll go for ‘Over-sized Bags’

“An oversized bag is the equivalent of a one-size-fits-all garment.” It is said that woman who regularly lug oversized bags were practical and down-to-earth and prefer to keep things easily-at-hand. I’m agree, except down-to-earth, I don’t know whether people around me agree or disagree about that. They decide it.

Besides that, I found this one too, it tells about how our bag-holding styles said about us. Interesting article. Since I carry my big handbag most of the time, I’ll go for ‘the thumb-to-pit’ style the most. Actually I have this gesture to support my bag in order to steadily lay on my shoulder, but this interesting article tells more than that;

“I see women in cosmopolitan cities doing this. They remember their mamas telling them to protect their bags…They don’t want to get them pulled off while they’re walking! They’re street smart.” Of course, I don’t want anyone to pull it off because I bring whatever I need in it.

The other times, when it’s getting heavier, I carry my big handbag with the briefcase’ style and what the web told me;

“There’s a certain type of woman who chooses to forgo the shoulder trap for the top handle. “She’s in business mode. She’s going fast and her bag has lot of weight-she cares less about her appearance, and more about where she’s off to.” Incidentally, I’m a bit like that; appearance doesn’t really matter for me. And when I’m on my limit, I’ll go for ‘the baguette’ style, even though my handbag is so big for that style, kekekeke.

I also stumbled upon another interesting and refreshing article which is written by Mark Macias . He talks about women, their pursues, and character based on his experience. I like his point of view here. And I think based on his view; I’m more suitable for “Artistic Personality”;

“These are the easiest woman to pick out. Their handbags and purses make you look twice, even though guys don’t understand why. You won’t see any labels on her bag, but you will see colors and designs that make your pupils dilate. This is the girl who wants a guy who is going to challenge her creativity and ideas. If you want to approach a girl with an artistic pursue, pretend everything is art and you will get her ear. Her heart? That’s another story.” Indeed, I prefer to buy my artistic handmade bag without any label at flea market (especially buy this kind in traveling time) than to buy a knock off one. When I think again, most of my bag has no label on it. But, I’m an art blind, i just a beauties lover. By the way, I’m a little bit bothered by words “the easiest woman to pick out” he said here, what does he mean? Exactly?

Actually, I have the other type of bag, use occasionally, but I carry my big handbag daily and the most.

Finally, what is in my bag? Let’s have a peek a little bit:

  • Wallet, first thing first, that’s what I do when I’m filling my bag. My ID card, debit card, insurance, driving license, few of restaurant discount card, and some of membership cards are in it, and some cash (the others couldn’t be revealed). I think my wallet makes my life easier, all in one hand. Could you imagine how bad a day without it? (ehm, I guess this is general truth, kekekekeke)
  • Book, aups, maybe they who spend more time in here, already knew that I like to read a book. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not like most of the people who read book; full of knowledge or at least mastering one of book genre. I’m not like that. Even though I like to read, I am easily forget the book’s contain, unless it impressed me (and it won’t last long anyway). I’m a fast reader and faster in forget it, kekekekeke. But, why I like to bring book anywhere? Especially while traveling? I enjoy reading while waiting. Even though I’m a noisy girl once you already knew me, or when we are getting closer, and I’m easy to start a conversation with a new people, but one bad side of mine shows up more; I don’t feel like to chat just anyone. I’d rather to read a book or listening to music, than to start a conversation with people I don’t feel like to. Why I bring a book or two, anywhere I go? Because I’d rather read than do the other things. In addition, I’m easily bored by playing game especially the hard one, game supposed to be playful, not absorb so much thought. So forget game while waiting, I’ll go grab my book.
  • Glasses, actually sun glasses, I feel there’s always something missing if I missed my glasses when I’m out. I’ve been using sun glasses since my first time working in coal mining area. So, I think my eyes are getting weak by the sun ray. So, I need to bring it everywhere I go.
  • Mineral water, ouch, I couldn’t stand thirty minutes without mineral water. I’m easily thirsty.
  • Oil, argh, whenever my friend found a tiny arc batik case in my bag, they will throw “grandma” title to me because it fills with 2 kinds of what I call “healing oil”; minyak tawon (literally bee oil) and minyak kayu putih (Cajuput Oil). I’m kind of addicted to both of it. I don’t do skin treatment even though my skin is easily irritated, so that’s why I need the ‘bee oil’ to be applied on the irritated spot and I don’t have specific medicine for my allergic to cold and dust, so by applying Cajuput Oil all over my body is enough when my allergic appears. Oh, actually, the batik case not only fills with 2 oils, I’m going to add small eye sterilizing water, bandage, inhaler, and pin :D.
  • Mobile phone, no words need to be add here :D.
  • Comb and facial cleanser, I don’t apply any makeup on my face regularly, no, I don’t have any of those things (except in wedding, and if only I got someone to makeup me). I deal with coal, dust, sun, helmet, and man every day. So, instead of applying makeup daily, combing my hair after wearing a helmet is more important to me *weirdo* and because of my job, I need to bring facial cleanser every day, then it become a habit.
  • Tissue, trust me it’s useful.
  • Notes and pen, I don’t know, sometimes an idea comes up and I need to write it down, idea in anything, and the other times a nice or supporting or inspiring quote comes up, so I feel to write it down.

That’s all my basic stuff to bring to office or whenever I’m traveling and sometimes I add more :D. So, next time, if by any chance you meet a chubby girl with a big handbag that makes her body seems unsupported the bag’s volume, don’t ask her what is in her bag, just think she brings some stuffs like what was mentioned above. In case.

Some of it
Some of it

Do you find i carry too big and too much thing with me? How about you? What is in your bag? Or if this question annoy you, what kind of bag do you prefer?


21 thoughts on “What’s in your bag?

  1. Hahaha! Your bags are big, but I prefer a big bag than carrying two bags or not having what I need in my bag. People must say that a lot to you that it starts to get annoying. It sounded that they are not very creative person with their chit chat. Don’t worry about it. 😀

    I think easy to pick out means that they are easy to spot/recognise.

    1. :D, Indeed, Ndine
      They are so annoying nowadays, I’m not going to tell them what’s in it anyway. I’ll let them in curiosity unless they find this post, kekekekeke..

      Ahh,,, thank you for the nice explanation 😀


  2. You sound like you are ready for everything! I think that is very good.

    Me? I would confuse everybody because I don’t carry a bag. At all. Ever.

    (I don’t have a mobile phone, don’t wear makeup).

    I do carry a purse which holds my driver’s licence, a pen, a piece of paper (folded up – that’s for ideas I might get), and some tissues. I hook my reading glasses into that.

    Truth is, I find even carrying a purse a nuisance – I would rather stuff everything into my pockets. 🙂

    1. Yes, I am.
      I’d rather bring my big bag full with everything i need than bother someone to lend theirs, except i really don’t have it.
      i tell you more Allyson, those people (my colleagues) who love to complain about my bag or play a joke about that are the most people who often lend anything from me, from scissor, cable, my tissue, pin, even the oil, and other and other (ah, looks like i’m getting grumpy and love to talk about people behind their back..T_T)

      Wow, that’s very simple and practical. sometimes i really want to leave the back behind when I’m out, but i just couldn’t…
      in contrary, i better leave my pocket empty 🙂

    2. I can understand how annoying that would be to have people tease you for what you carry in your bag and at the same time want to borrow something that they have forgotten.

      Next time they say, “What’s in your bag?” you can answer, “Everything you borrow.”

      That might shut them up. LOL. 🙂

  3. Great story!
    First, it’s none of their *bad word* business what is in your bag!!! If they persist you can tell them: “I like to be ready for any and all situations” OR “In an emergency you will want me and my bag to be at your side” That last one is my favorite 🙂
    Those are some cool bags! My daughter is like you – she has MANY purses and bags and likes to carry everything with her. I don’t know where she gets it from because I use the same purse for years. LOL
    Glad to see you writing again! Some day I would really like to her about your job. Do many women do what you do?

    1. Thank you Moore

      Indeed, that’s what I’ve been thought, whatever in my bag is not their business, since i never care every little thing about what they have with them, really. but those guys really love to play their “joke” to me, and sometimes i can bear it, the other times i feel suffocated by it (ah, releasing it to you).

      I love those cool bags, thank you 🙂

      I got mine most from flea market or souvenir shop on my trip, and some gift from my friend. I’m allergic to branded and pricy bags; allergic to its price, kekekekeke..

      for now, i’m the only one engineer from 20 engineers and about 10 production man :).

      I supposed to be the Princess here, but i’m not. kekekekekeke

    2. Absolutely right Moore.

      I hide it, somewhere save, in case someone wants to steal it 🙂 and i replace it with my hair with a sweet smile. LOL

  4. Why girls wanted so many bags? really, I don’t understand it. My wife has a lots of bags and wanted to buy more depends what’s the occassion unlike her, I only had one back pack that’s enough 🙂

    1. Kekekekeke, i even don’t realize that i have that much..ehm, maybe like ‘every rose has its thorn’, every ag has its own occassion… i can’t use a tote bag to a party or backpack to hang out, kekekekeke ;D
      thay are just too tempting to refuse.
      In the end i use the most comfortable one frequently.

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