I Shall Dance Along and Continue the Dance

The time flies really fast, without realizing. On this day, exactly a year ago, i introduced myself to blogosphere, and that time this simple blog was started. I didn’t have any idea about this blog theme at first, and I still don’t have any specific theme until today. It just i like to share everything that i thing not bad to share, happy things. First thing i do, every time i log in to my blog is check the statistic, it’s kind of addictive. I like to know what article people like the most, where are they come from, how did they get me, who is commenting the most, and the other stuff. Addictive!! (even though i don’t have much in statistic to see).

I like it when the box notification turns into orange and accompanies by stars, it means agreement or approval for me; someone saw what i saw, someone liked what I liked, someone enjoyed the things that made me enjoy, someone had the same view with me, or s/he had different view, but liked my point of view, in other words, I have friend, companion, even though I enjoy being alone, but it never has been bad to have friends and companion, or someone who supports you. And i like it more when the orange box is accompanied by plus sign, it means; i have something more for them to follow. And what I like the most is when the box turns into orange, just orange, comment/reply which means interaction. I think this is the best part of socialize, whether in real life or in this social media. I think it’s just amazing how the interaction occurs by different spaces. And by the interaction, i met some interesting people that i enjoy the interaction with, and honestly, if i had the chance or i could make the chance someday, i really want to meet them. Really.

And last, maybe because the some reason, one friend of mine shared another award nominee for me. It’s “Blog of the Year 2013”. When i followed the award backwardly, i found that this is an award for blog that you find interesting (my thought), interesting enough to  make you forth and back to his/her blog, commenting, and follow. And this nominee is presented to me by Wendy of CNC Fashion accessories. She is the first person that following me and commenting the most in this little space of mine. She leaves so many traces on my yard J. So, like the others award nominee i like to share it with some interesting people out there.

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpegChris Villanueva, We share the same part of continent, he’s Philippines (resides in Arab Saudi for work purpose), and i enjoy how he shared his positive thoughts in his blog.

Carl, He is from Devon, England, and i like to read his experience “That Time he was In” somewhere…, somewhere that never failed to make me want to experience it as well. It’s quite intriguing.

Moore, if you are a bookish, especially the one who adore a vintage book, go check her blog, share some thought about book and you won’t be disappointed or just have a chit chat, she will be an interesting friend to have with. and if you patient enough to look through her blog, you could find another her writings.

Andine lives in London, and guess what? Actually she’s in a proud Indonesian. How funny how we share the same color of passport but we enjoy more the interaction about our beloved country in here and separated by thousands miles, by ocean and continental. She is not only talk about Indonesia, in her cool blog i can find so many interesting things, especially cool illustration and her travel experience with great photographs. It her passion. I guess.

Mama Miyuki, loving mama who lives in Sendai, Japan and again, actually an Indonesian. I love to forth and back to her blog just to let my saliva drools by her daily post about food, especially Japanese and Indonesian.

Febry Fawzi, again and again, how this world has an amusing way to make me meet with this person. At first i visited his blog because i wanted to search a reference for my travel, he has a nice one, and after share some conversation, i found out that we were graduated from same institution. Amusing.

Steph, she is a thoughtful person and a nice one to have a chit chat with.

Karlota, she is a Philippines and lives in German, she has so much random things to share. I like it for that.

Hanny, a cool person with a cool blog, i always fall for how she chains the words, liven up her photographs, and makes me enjoy along each of her trip.

Caitlin, she has so much nice things to share.

Ariel, she talks more about Japan, what to resist for me? Especially the cuteness.

I think i have so many friends to share the nominee, but that’s all for now.


Honestly there are 2 more friends i want to share, but i can’t for reason

Terry, why? Because she already have much and the stars is full on her blog, but it always nice to have a loving friend like her.


Allyson, i always enjoy each of our conversation, somehow she can brighten my day by seeing a reply from her. Thank you so much Allyson, my blogging world is liven up by you. Semangat selalu menulisnya!!!


_So much love, Yuna_


40 thoughts on “I Shall Dance Along and Continue the Dance

    1. Yes! “G’day mate,” is like saying “Good day, friend,” but more closely means, “Hello, friend.” It can be used all through the day and evening, too.

      😀 Cheers and g’day to you, mate. 😀

  1. Congratulations, Yuna! You deserve this award – so friendly, cheerful and interesting, I’ve so enjoyed our chats. If I remember correctly, I think you were the first person to send me “like” and a “comment”!
    Thank you for sharing this award with me *I blush*
    And if someday we find ourselves on the same continent, we would have to meet face to face. 🙂

    1. Thank you Moore, thank you for becoming a nice companion in this ‘world’ so far. Indeed, i would love to meet you face to face. 🙂

    1. Sama – sama mba, emang aku suka bolak balik ke blog-nya mba 🙂

      Maiiciiii 🙂

      terus posting makanan yang menggiurkan juga mba

  2. Happy blogversary, dear! *peluk* And thank you for your kind words! 😀 It’s always nice to know that some people are still writing and updating their blogs from time to time. I miss the old days of blogwalking sometimes! :’D

    1. Makasih..*peluuukkk*

      iya mba, if i were a baby, i just learned how to walk, so it’s kinda interesting 🙂
      Please blog more, your fan is waiting here :).
      blogwalking and eavesdropping when the topic has an intense discussion, kekekeke

  3. Oh, you are so sweet and kind. I’m honoured to know you, I feel that I found a friend. Thank you for your support. I hope I can meet you one day. 😀 I would definitely give you an award if I know how to do them? Is there any award for Congenial Blogger of the year? You will definitely get that from me. *hugs*

    1. Ow Dine,
      what a sweet words,,,that’s too much, kekekekeke.
      Nice, nice, it just so nice to ‘meet’ you 🙂
      Let’s share more the beauty of our country.
      No, i don’t think the wordpress has one, sounds an interesting award. i’ll keep it.


  4. Happy one year anniversary to you blog, Yuna. The page in orange is as energetic and enthusiastic as you are. I wish you many joys blogging in the year ahead!

    1. It’s okay, Chris..
      Aww, i really appreciate your compliment and thank you for leaving traces here and there, i’m happy for it. 😀

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