All I Want for Christmas is You

... I Just want you for my own

more than you could ever know

make my wish comes true

All i want for Christmas is you...

You, mama’.

You, not to worry too much about everything, and let the smile on your face not be dimmed by anything, any little things, dad. Sorry for asking that selfishly while i even haven’t been able to accompany you in your lonely road which not easy for you, at all.

You, to be much happier, my oldest sister. I think it would be so much better if you could stop a moment, stop at the ladder you are standing right now, bowing your head, just for a moment. I think it would be more than enough. Enough to make us grateful, grateful for what we already have, instead of dwelling and regretting the past or complaining the present, and  disappointing for the things that we haven’t been able to have. I want you to have dream, i love it when you have something you want to reach because that what makes life, but i don’t think it’s a life anymore when the dreams lack of happiness, joy, and peace just because the absent of grateful. No, that’s not the life that I’ve thought.

You, to be more confidence, and express your feeling, and yourself more, my oldest brother. Isn’t it hard to keep all the things by yourself? If only you knew how much i wanted you to smile often and express more. You are better than what people think about you.

You, to stay healthy, cheerful, responsible, caring, and loving, just the way you are, my older brother. Because i love you, really love you for the way you are. You don’t have any other choices than to hear people talk bad things about you, but you have fully rights to choose living your life and not to dwell in bad opinion. We already talked about this; no matter how hard we try to be a better person, there will always some people who think it’s not good enough. So stop dwelling in bad opinion, it won’t feed us nor give any advantages anyway. So let’s think them as a spring breeze that disappears and re-appears again as the season comes and goes. Let us.

P.s. If it’s getting harder, just think them as the gravels, yes, the gravels that have the power to make us stumble, stumble if we ignore them, but a solid path on unstable ground if we carefully step on it.

You, to be so much stronger, my older sister, for i know the barriers which comes along when you are growing your dreams and your responsibilities.  And now, my time for reminding you the things you’ve told me so many times:

“There are rainbow after the rain, rejoice and sweet melody after the tears, promises in every breath, and answers in each pray.” – Ew, every time I’m getting down and almost lose my faith.

You, to grow up well, and live your adolescence to the fullest, my oldest niece. Do you think I’m being so hard to you, nowadays? Let me explain it; when you ‘thought’ something was not fair for you and you were hurt so much,  i let you overcome and settle your own feeling, so you won’t do something unfair to other people and hurt somebody the way you’re hurt. I let you fall when the road is too heavy for you to get through, I really want you to feel the glory we’d receive at the moment we could stand up again on our own. And i want you to share your good times, so you could treasure the moment. That’s it. But by seeing how you respond, i guess, i ask too much, so let it be, what will be.

You, to stay healthy, creative, and keep your compassion and being generous, my nephew, for those are your wealth.

You, to grow up very well, my youngest niece, because just by your presence, our world fills with joy and laughter.

Christmas II

...‘Cause I just want you here tonight
Holding on to me so tight
What more can I do?
Baby, all I want for Christmas is you

…You, all the people whom i do care, but couldn’t mention one by one; to live our life in happiness and in better life. To be the part of the peace and joy that Christmas brings. Have a Wonderful Christmas everyone. Be blessed!


18 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas is You

    1. You’re welcome, my friend!! 😀

      Yep, it has been quite a while, but glad to see you back posting away!

      Have a wonderful weekend ahead, always~ Cheers!! 😀

    1. Eh iyaaa, kangen rumah emang suasana begini..
      Makasih, makasih,, karena kamu di sana perayaannya pasti berasa. semoga sukacitanya nyampai ke dirimu :),
      Yups, anak bungsu 🙂

    2. Gak, roster aku gak ketemu ama natalan. kmren udh muaju-mundurin roster sebulan, gak bisa lagi, mau ambil cuti tahunan, dua minggu lagi cuti, gak bisa T_T

    3. Ehm, sepertinya kalo natalan pada doyan ngendem di rumah, karena nyokap ama bokap anak tertua. Jadi yang didatengin 🙂

      tapi diriku terbiasa juga lama2, karena keseringan, kalo sendiri banget baru kerasa sedihnya, atau kalo diingetin :).

    4. Iyah, ini perasaan buat keluarga aku dan masalah yang terus sama…semoga tahun 2014 dan tahun2 berikutnya kalopun ada masalah gak yg itu2 ajah :). ameeenn. we have to move on anyway 😀 ;D

    1. Rencananya Siem Reap, Vientiane, Bangkok, mampir ke Penang.
      berhubung waktu terbatas kayanya sempat sehari – sehari doank tiap kota, ke tujuan utama ajah 🙂

      Any travel plan in early 2014?

      Have a jolly Christmas and bright 2014 and ahead…

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