Kawagoe, Remain Scent of Little Edo

This lovely little town has been whispering me to be told to my little world since about two weeks ago. Actually I want to tell more about Sydney (you know I have a little bit obsession to live in that continent, honestly it’s not bit, its big obsession). This story still from my first Japan’s trip at April 2013, and i was the one who insisted to go to this place. When we prepared our trip to Japan, i found the article about Kawagoe, and with all my might, i persuaded three of them to go there. And, finally there, we were.

At first, i really want to say sorry to those three my travel buddies; Liz, Opik, and Bertho. When we were there, i think we didn’t enjoy Kawagoe that much because i knew exactly that those boys were allured more to see gundam and its stuff (our next destination in Odaiba) than Kawagoe, as for Liz, ehm, i think she loved city like Tokyo and Osaka more, and honestly when we first started Kawagoe trip, my light, my spirit was getting a little bit dimmed. But it’s okay, sometimes it happens when we travelled especially with different “obsession”, and thanked God it didn’t last long, we enjoyed the rest of it, and now, what is left for me is its sweet scent.

No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” – Lin Yutang

We were perplexed at first, after we hopped off train, even though we have 3 earth faculty graduated engineers and 1 planology graduated who were supposed to be so familiar, oh no, associated well with a map, we hardly admitted that we were lost. Lost if direction. Kekekeke, and after spending minutes argued and assured one and another, and asked an old man who passed in front of us with no answer because of the language barrier, we finally decided to take the widest road at the southern of our exit gate.

Kawagoe 1
confused us

In minutes later, a glance of street shops from a far reassured us that we’d taken the right road which meant we close to our destination (as far as I’ve traveled, street shops, especially the souvenir shops, close to attraction). Since then, our step became lighter, and gradually the trip turned into a quirky one.

Kawagoe 2

Kawagoe 3We couldn’t wash away quirkiness especially when we stepped on neat grey brick paved road that mixture of old Japanese and western style buildings which is called Taisho – Roman Street. It sent a romance feeling.

Kawagoe 5 Taisho - Roman stAs we took a further path, the road was getting amusing for me; it was decorated by rows of black and brown wooden houses. It was neat, it was so old, and it was so sturdy. I always love passing the typical road.

Kawagoe 6The amusement continued until we reached the clean intersection and then met cute children in a unique stroller :D.

Kawagoe 7In minutes later, we reached the main destination, Warehouse District. It was so beautiful. I love the air and the scent it gave, it was so lovely.

Kawagoe 8
Lovely, isn’t it?

Kawagoe 9

Kawagoe 10
Hardly believe that those were just display

Breathed the air, absorbed the scent, tasted it tastes, and memorized the scene. Those were what I did, and it gave me enough pleasure, and then another memory was added. Saved.

Kawagoe 11Honestly, if I had another chance to visit Japan, I’d back to Kawagoe and stay a little bit longer, feel its air, its scent, and taste its tastes again; Kawagoe.

See you again Kawagoe :)
See you again Kawagoe 🙂

31 thoughts on “Kawagoe, Remain Scent of Little Edo

  1. OMG!! That stroller is so unique! Is that a mother or a child care teacher?

    Thank you so much for sharing, my friend! Cheers~ 😀

    1. I though she is a child care teacher, i couldn’t ask since i can’t speak Japanese 🙂

      To cute 🙂 and yes, unique :D. that was the first time i saw the children in that kind of stroller 🙂

    2. Hehe, this has become a common scene for me; she is a child care worker. They use these strollers to bring multiple young children for a walk. They’re very handy right?

    3. Definitely!! Thank you for providing more information in this reply!

      Have a wonderful weekend ahead, always~ Cheers!! D:

    1. Yess, they were celebrating children day (for the boys), they put those fish flag on that celebration besides so many toys and the other sculptures. Ah, you’ve been there too :)… Did you enjoy it?

    1. Thank you wendy,

      wish you all the best, happiness, and prosperity in everything in 2014 and years after. May the blessing always be with you and your family 😉

    2. You’re welcome, my friend!

      Thank you so much for your lovely blessings and do have a wonderful year 2014!!

      Cheers!! 😀

    3. Been a while since you’ve last posted, hope everything is fine at your side, my friend!

      Take care and cheers!! 😀

    4. Hi Wendy,

      yes, it has been so so long time since my last post, i’ve been doing well and i just come back from another holiday so i couldn’t make any posts 🙂
      i have no gadget besides my phone and we were supposed to leave gadget during holiday. weren’t we?

      Thank you fr nice considering and how about you? everything is okay?

    5. Glad to know that you’ve just had another lovely holiday!

      From all the spamming of re-posts inside my other blog for the past few days, you ought to know that I am still well and kicking…hehe…

      Cheers!! D:

  2. I live beside Kawagoe. There are 2 amazing festivals there each year, both very enjoyable. The Autumn one is particularly spectacular. If you are coming to visit Kawagoe again I recommend you time it for the festival the 3rd weekend of October. The place is absolutely packed, but you get to see some traditional floats. I hope it is okay to post a link here? If not, please feel free to edit this comment and remove the link; http://daysofourlivesjapan.wordpress.com/2013/10/20/kawagoe-festival-in-photos/

  3. Honto sugoii! Unfortunately even I stayed in Saitama prefecture for 3 weeks, I didn’t have time to catch this charming city. Seems promising to make a visit. Nice written and story Yuna 😀

    1. Sugoi ne!!!
      owch, that was so bad. Indeed Feb, like i’ve been said so many times, if i had another chance too visit Japan, especially Tokyo, i would re-visit Kawagoe and stay a little bit longer :).

      Do you think so? about my writing? Thank you 😀 😀 i really appreciate it 😀

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