The Khekarian Threat – FREE on Kindle – limited time.

Everyone who is into sci-fi or just like want to try a new genre, go grab this one, you won’t be disappointed 😀 A nice gift for holiday 🙂

Bloodstone Sci Fi


It’s a sci-fi adventure in a colonizing world, with a touch of occult, erotica, sex, violence, humor and coarse language – Stephen doesn’t have time for psychics, he doesn’t believe in them, he only brought Aleisha into his team so he could sell her to the two Khekarians all but ruling it – at 17 years old, Aleisha doesn’t have the training to see it coming, and she’s not that kind of seer, anyway – Sturn, meanwhile, is an exiled Khekarian Prince determined to return to power using whatever means necessary, be it with the use of the girl’s raw talent or with the unethical capture of alien-native from Zumaridi to barter his way back in – either way, the newly settled planet has what he wants – and there are no laws to stop him.

Near on 600 pages, it’s a book you can get your teeth into. It’s…

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One thought on “The Khekarian Threat – FREE on Kindle – limited time.

  1. Hey there! I just wanted to drop a little thank you note. I was looking at my ‘Blog Year in Review’ that WordPress gives their users, and you were one of my top commentors in 2013. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your words and interaction on my blog… it means so much!

    Best wishes, Caitlin

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