Border by Border; Siem Reap, Bangkok, and Georgetown Part

So the story goes on and it still tells my most memorable moment in between.

…I don’t know where I’m going

But i know where I’ve been…

– Bon Jovi, Lost Highway –

Land border passed; Cambodia (Siem Reap – Poipet) – Thailand (Aranya Prathet – Bangkok)

When we hadn’t fully recovered from muscles strain, we had to move at the day after. We were moved from Siem Reap to Bangkok with a lot of troubles, pain, awe, and also stories which was included laughter.

???????????????????????????????Warning: Don’t believe my smiling face in this picture. That was captured when we were about to enter the messy and most uncomfortable Cambodia immigration

One story was captured like this. My smiling face for having fast food when that wasn’t my type while travelling, I should go for local food, but that time an exception after getting sick of the same menu in couple days, we gave up and went for fast food. It was unusual for us who never had any problem with any kind of food before.

BKKFor all the good and bad things that we had passed while staying at Bangkok, there was one moment that I really enjoyed. I called it the moment of moments; spending time lazily at riverside while enjoying the sunset as a background of Wat Arun.

Wat ArunPAID OFF. Maybe that was a payment of what we couldn’t get properly at Siem Reap. Yes, we missed sunset at Angkor Wat (hardly move on from loosing this moment).

Wat Arun with a little bit final touch

Land border passed; Thailand (Bangkok – Surat Thani – Hat Yai) – Malaysia (Georgetown – KL)

With so many stories created in Siem Reap and Bangkok, finally we run out of holiday time; time to pack, time to go back to the place where we used to be.

This land border crossing was the hardest part for me. You know, when you already knew you were scammed but couldn’t do anything because you had no choice. It hurt my pride and my self esteem. It really was. But what should we do? We just surrendered, passed the border, reached the next destination, in anger. Fortunately, in our last minivan to Georgetown there was an Italian gentleman who kindly and briefly explained to us about Georgetown, and his hospitality made the anger slowly disappeared, oh yeah and he also laughed at my maps and papers for the trip. I wouldn’t mind his laughing.

Sorry, the other picture of me
my sister stealthily captured this, and it’s not that bad (I’m getting to love myself more, i think, kekekekeke)

We spent about 4 hours in Georgetown before heading back to Kuala Lumpur, and then Balikpapan. With that little time, I forcedly managed to walk around small circle of Georgetown. I was fuzzily and happily searching for the Georgetown’s Street Art which is welded in corner of street around Georgetown.

And while I was happily playing hide and seek with the Street Art, I forgot that my sister had reached her limit for all the muscles sore all over her thigh and leg.

I took this picture when I was over with all the excitement, while she kindly following me wherever I felt like to move. I was really bad to her, I realized that.

My beloved sister’s silhouette in sunset of Georgetown

When I put my head on my lonely pillow in my messy room, I thought about thanking her. Thank her for coping with my temper, with my ambition toward travel, with my bad behaviour, and so many bad things I did, for pushing her to much, and above all, I think without her I might have been going wild during this trip.

Border by borderSpecial note for my sister; I really loved when you repeatedly asked me the date each time we crossed the long road between border because you were worried that we might be getting a year older each time we passed it…just because it was a long road, very long road, but you tried to make it easy by jokingly asking such a question.

And that how my brain works, the memory part of my brain, maybe it was so much different from yours, but mine was like that, and i’m okay with it. How about you who have walked my walked?


11 thoughts on “Border by Border; Siem Reap, Bangkok, and Georgetown Part

    1. Imigrasiny aternyata parah abis, kita ngantri di antiran yang jaraknya cuma 20 meteran, tapi ngantri 3 jam lebih, berdesakan, nempel2 badan, penuh, ada yang curi antrian, dll. Ditipunya beli tiket dari Bangkok sampai Penang (karena untuk kereta habis, menurut loket di stasiun, bisa beli dicalo yang dinaikin harga 50 persen, kesel ajah karena ini), tapi karna berenti 2 kali di Surat Thani sama Hat Yai, kita dioper-oper, tiket di ambil gak ada gantinya, sampai Surat Thani, harus bayar lagi, perorang pertama mintanya $80, gila gak, harga 4X lipat lebih harga tiket, bilangnya urusan imigrasi, aku bilang kalo urusan imigrasi ntar aku urus sendiri di imigrasi, eh malah dimarhin, tas diturunin dari minivan, di suruh tunggu dua hari lagi aja, pokoknya sengit sampe akhirnya $20 berdua…ah, kesel, karena gak tau mau k mana2 dan udah di kejar pesawat di Penang T_T

    2. 3 jam? waks! parah banget, itu sama aja buat orang sana sama orang asing? atau orang sana antriannya beda? Oh naik kereta dari bangkok ke penang? Penang Malaysia? berapa jauh tuh? ternyata korupsi dan ketidak jelasan bukan cuman di Indo aja yah?

    3. Parah pake banget – banget ini mah, untuk orang Thailand sama Kamboja terpisah, sisanya disatuin. Gak, jadinya dari Bangkok ke Penang dapet bis, habis keretanya calonya parah, mereka gak malu ngaku, kalo begitu sistemnya, bahkan bilang “kamu beli atau gak, tiket yang dibeli calo gak kepake atau gak, kereta kosong akan tetap jalan” parah abis, Kayanya Bangkok scam-nya lebih parah. Gw berniat share cerita khusus scam ini karna kesel banget. Banyak Dine, tapi sepertinya di daerah yang pusat turis ajah, sisanya mah santai aja. 😀

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