To the man who couldn’t date woman who travels; Don’t Date Me (Lets Talk About Love)

Don’t date me. I do have messy hair and my dry tanned burnt skin almost full of mole and scratch. But don’t get me wrong because I didn’t get all of those things from have been travelled more than half the globe nor even already been in 5 continents. My messy hair is often caused forcefully by my daily job, when I didn’t even bother to re-comb it while the pressure of helmet ruin the precise stroke art that I already memorized for more than 20 years and the bright sun shine is always succeed in tanning the uncover area of my skin. Don’t get me more ashamed than this, by thinking that I didn’t travel, just have a boring job, and still couldn’t take a good care of my hair and my skin. I do travel. I’m much better while travelling since I didn’t even let my hair had an uneven split line when I was lining up for more than three hours in messy crowded queue at helly Cambodia – Thailand border. Both fact shows that I’m sure work my work and also enjoy travel, so don’t date me, with hesitation.

yunaDon’t date me, with hesitation. I’m really easy to please. I’ll be impressed for whatever you do. I’ll go happily from the common date to the unusual date you ask me to because I think there’s no such a suck thing in life while it’s doing with sincerity. I don’t even mind if you brag about anything that you got by doing it seriously and wholeheartedly and accomplished with happiness for happiness is the ultimate dream in my life and the language I use and also love the most.

Don’t date me because I’ll be so demanding. Sometimes I will ask you to book a flight every time my favourite cheap airline gives promotion seat that meets any of my field break schedule, and at the other times I’ll bother you to spend weekend with my best friends because spend bucks (which I’m saving for another trip) in cafe while having a random unstoppable chit-chat with people who never let me pass my ups and downs alone is always worth, and if you are brave enough, I will let you meet my family, and it works on reversible way. If you could cope with those matters; don’t date me, with hesitation.

Don’t date me, because I don’t  think know which life is better; an excellent steady job or to be a freelancer who excel in everything. As a dreamer who dream a freelance job, I wonder why I haven’t thrown my steady job away instead of dwelling on  its ‘10 hour-7 days-8 weeks’ condition, and holding on to this robotic life. Whether I don’t have enough brave to loose it or I’m afraid I would shake someone else’s dream at the moment I choose to leave the entire job behind because my other dream is to support someone else’s dream. Ah, I’m dizzy just by talking which job is better. Life is full of uncertainty anyway, for whatever life you are living. If you got my condition, then, don’t date me, with hesitation.

Don’t date me, with hesitation for I really know how to respect, I know when to reserve, and avoid debate. Don’t get me wrong for trying to project a good image. No, I don’t. When you think that I’m a wishy-washy type, you’ll be surprised by the fact that the word “impress” would be hardly find on my dictionary because I don’t use it. It will give so much effort and I would be so tiring for doing so. The most important thing is I can’t and I’m not going to live the life which purpose is impressing someone, when the world I live is becoming unfriendly place even for expressing the way I live.

Someday you might see me avoiding any debate as though I don’t hold or stand on my own convictions (which I call as self-restrained) for I better be holding back or joining a little movement that support global issue than adding more dispute, especially with one who doesn’t even care less about it because it will not bring us anywhere; it will drain my energy, squeeze my emotion, and waste my time. So, I will not pick any debate to just anyone. No, I won’t let my saliva drains for that. Ah, let’s drop the conversation about global issue and its responsibilities; I think I don’t have enough time for it since I’m so busy with the complex issue around our local environment.

Hi man, don’t date me, with hesitation because I need a man not to fix something broken in the household or surrounding, I need a man not to pay my meals because myself doing pretty well with the meal’s bill. I need a man not because I’m a dependent woman for I’m capable of doing almost everything I need by myself; I’m even capable of lifting my pounds coal sample with one hand, while the other hand lifting GPS and geology hammer when my assistant is not around. I’m capable of driving 320 km on a rainy night bumpy road, and my cooking skill is getting better day by day *bragging*. I need a man simply to share this romance.

Love1So, don’t you dare to date me in hesitation because I’m in between, just an average woman. Even though I don’t have any strange historical mark on my dry skin from a faraway place, I do love to travel (and plan to travel more), but I don’t think I would live the life of nomad for my whole life; at least not now. In the other hand, It doesn’t matter if you find me as woman without sense of excellent when I’m lost while you are talking about money, stock, relation, and promotion because I still enjoy that kind of robotic life with the entire troubles that might come up, and the most important thing is I still love to see how my father, sisters, brothers, nieces, and nephews are doing at least once in every 8 weeks on my field break. I don’t mind if you don’t travel because I’m going to find the way to persuade you or even trick you beyond your consciousness to spend your time for travelling once in awhile, and then go back to your own comfort zone. And then, I’ll do it repeatedly.

Last, don’t date me, with hesitation, because most of the female who travel have told you not to date them, while I’m widely open. Don’t date me because you take this post seriously, but if you do, I wouldn’t mind because I’m ready for romance, and then don’t date me, with hesitation.

Love3Until i found someone to share this chocolate with…

Happy Valentine Day, especially for those who celebrate it with their couple and also for those who are going to bite their own self-treated chocolates.


Yeah, take this post as everything you want to take it; a reply or whatever because I call this post as a self promotion packet due to the posts below; 😀 😀 😀


20 thoughts on “To the man who couldn’t date woman who travels; Don’t Date Me (Lets Talk About Love)

  1. Oh, a big one – lots of thought here. It’s been my experience that a good man turns up when you’re not looking for him (that’s how I found Greg). Love the reference to chocolate at the end. 😛

    1. Indeed, I do surprise, how come it become this big. i thing this is the biggest post ever for me :).

      What a warm story (support is slipped in).

      Ah, I’m biting my self-treated chocolate 😀 :D.

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Thank you, it has been a long time since our last conversation and I’m kinda miss it 🙂
      Nice to have you back 😀 😀

  2. Oh my, how can you indirectly offer your self kak with this reversible meaning arguments! hahaha.
    It’s like you tells “hey man, don’t date me if you can’t suits my unique qualities.” Hahaha

    Anw, promotion booking from favorite airline, reminds me something :p

    1. Liz, hahahhahahaha..this is why i asked you to see my blog. I knew it, you’d comment like this. Wuakakakaka…

      Oh yah? there’s another promotion?? when? where to? I have to check it, ah…my office internet connection is really su*k with some excellent downloader in the house, they drive me crazy..

      I’ll go whatsapp you!!

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