What’s Left from my (lost) pocket camera

There was a time when i just bought a new digital pocket camera and i enjoyed playing with its macro program, and i was spending my time being fussy with everything around me, with the result like this (before i lost the camera T_T); not that good, but i like it all 😀 :D…

My morning dew; Good morning everyone!
My morning dew; Good morning everyone!
Start the day with something fresh
Start the day with something fresh
0 fly
Random fly that was caught in my random day
Couldn't resist the pink flower
Couldn’t resist the pink flower
Let us grow beautifully...don't care what the others might say or environment  judges us
Let us grow beautifully…don’t care what the others might say or environment judges us
Growing beautifully (especially inside), not for everyone, but for ourself first
Growing beautifully (especially inside), not for everyone, but for ourself first
Don't let just random people let us down easily
Don’t let just random people let us down easily
Who cares?
Who cares? (Can’t find the right words)




33 thoughts on “What’s Left from my (lost) pocket camera

  1. I love playing with a macro. The world is so amazing when seen close up. I would love to be so small I could go in there, but then every creature would be monster-size and I wouldn’t last for long. LOL. 😀

    1. Semangat Pagi Allyson,

      Yes, definitely. Wow. you even imagine to that point? interesting thought. I haven’t reached the end like ”every creature would be monster-size and i wouldn’t last for long.” ehm, as expected from a writer.

      I just thought it’s better to see everything from close up since it makes a whole bigger and afar appearance 😀

    2. Semangat Siang, Yuna. 😀

      Writers live adventures, Yuna, fair dinkum! Yes, all small creatures would be monsters. The ants would chase me and probably be the ones to watch out for the most (they are smart).

      I would not be able to fight them off with a blade of grass, either.


    3. Semangat Pagi (with a loud and fresh voice ) 🙂

      I can feel that from you, your adventures.
      Ow, yeah, i almost forget about the ants 0_0.

      It looks like it is not an easy enemy to fight back. Burn the nest. *evil smile*

    4. Semangat pagi, Yuna. 😀

      No, I cannot burn the nest when I am only the size on an ant. Such an attempt will only make them angry. I have a tiny piece of twig that I might be able to sharpen into a weapon, and maybe I can find some beetle shells to wear as armor. Of course my chances might be better if I crawl back through the camera macro lens and become big again.

      Don’t mind me, I’m being silly. Oh, and I like ants. 😀

    5. Semangat Sore Allyson,

      Wow, a cleaver ant. I like the idea of showing of macro lens. 🙂

      Really? you like ants? why? i don’t hate ants but try to avoid them.

    6. Semangat sore, Yuna.

      Iya, I like ants a lot. They are very clean and very intelligent. I think they are the smartest of all the insects. I don’t know of any other insect that will look you in the eye, I’ve had ants do that to me several times. Really.

    7. Sore Allyson,

      I see, they have so much good point, they are strong because they can carry weight more then three times (if I’m not mistaken) their body weight, they are diligent too. They won’t bite unless they are disturbed, so that’s why i try to avoid them. Yes, you are right from that point of view.

      How close you were for having the ants looked in to the eyes? *i couldn’t imagine i would do that*. 😀 😀

    8. The first time it happened we were in the Outback (bushland) looking for a camping spot. I saw a big army-ant on the ground, and I was watchful because I didn’t want to put our tent on top of an anthill. I pointed him out to Greg, so I was bending forward to look at it – and it tipped its head and looked right at me.

      I thought it might see my feet – I didn’t expect it to look me in the eye. It stopped there and watched us for a time, all the time looking up at our faces.

      We both saw it do that and we both had that same feeling that it knew it was looking right at us.

      We think he was more aware because he was a protector ant, one of the fighters that look after the nest, rather than a carrier ant that do all the work. I’ve never seen one of the carriers look up, but the fighters, yes.

      We moved away to camp somewhere else. 🙂 I’ve respected them ever since.

    9. Wow, that was a great story because you explained it in detail. That’s what make it interesting. Your concern about detail Allyson 🙂

      Yes, we better not bother the troops of ant :D.

      Have a great Monday and the week ahead 🙂

    1. Thank you Elle 🙂

      :), that’s ok, i won’t just follow anyone unless the blog worth to see 🙂 or something i enjoy :).
      Looking more for your post 🙂

      Have a nice day

  2. OMG! That last photo…and just they thought nobody would notice their kinky business…and then you appear out of nowhere?


    Thank you so much for sharing so many wonderful photos in this post!

    Cheers!! 😀

    1. Kekekeke, yes, they didn’t realize me intruding their business 😀 :D, That was a good caught i think 😉

      You are always welcome Wendy.

      How’s life on your side? everything is doing right?

    2. Perhaps you can start considering taking up a part time job as a private investigator?

      Thank you so much for your lovely concern, my dear friend…everything is fine…just that I am enjoying procrastinating ever since our CNY holiday…hmm..a little..too much??

      Well, I guess that is one big advantage AND disadvantage of being your own boss..hehe…

      Hope you are doing fine too!

      Take care and be well always~ Cheers!!

    3. Ow, thank you, that’s a nice idea Wendy..I’ll think about i, kekekekekeke.

      Sorry to say, yes, a little to much :D.

      Hei, my mom once told me that “someone who are boss for his/her own is so much better for whatever the advantages and disadvantages are :).

      I’m doing very well dear friend.

      Cheers!! \^0^/

    4. Glad to know that you’re well, my friend.

      Yes, your mom was correct about this…at least I am able to approve my own M.C…LOL…

      Have a wonderful day ahead, always~ Cheers!! 😀

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