Simple Loha Prasat in Glittering Wat Ratchanatda Temple, Bangkok

Bangkok and its temple are something we could not be separated. Like usual, I always have “something” favourite when I see so much similar thing during my trip, and temples of Bangkok is not an exception. I couldn’t resist the magnificent and sparkling ornaments, eye candy colours, detailed sculpture, and the grand size of Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo, I couldn’t skip the lovely Wat Pho, I was satisfied with the beautiful sunset of Wat Arun, but what I loved the most was the time I entered Loha Prasat in Wat Ratchanatda. It was the first temple we entered at Bangkok, but until the end of our Bangkok’s temples tour, it was the one that left distinctive traces in my mind.

The temple motto; HAPPINESS \^o^/
The temple motto; HAPPINESS \^o^/
Wat Ratchanatda
Part of Wat Ratchanatda

???????????????????????????????I like everything about this temple. From the entrance, outer decoration style, materials, and the colours. I found it elegant among the others, besides that, this temple not as crowded as the other infamous temples.

EntranceWe were welcome by a simple entrance, and then as we stepped further, the perpendicular branches of narrow lane inside was surprised us.

Loha PrasatEach line was limited by simple wall decoration as well. Sometimes at the end of lane, we could find a Buddha stupa.


the stair inside

Loha Prasat 2What was more important, while touring the temple, we were unconsciously keeping silent, the noisy us left without some noise. Not my sister, neither me made a noise like we used to be.

Loha Prasat 3Loha Prasat

Enjoy Temple Tour in Bangkok!! \^0^/

13 thoughts on “Simple Loha Prasat in Glittering Wat Ratchanatda Temple, Bangkok

  1. ..
    kuil ini berkesan, kayaknya nyaman banget buat sembahyang dan yoga..
    yang paling menakjubkan, pekerjanya adalah wanita..
    mereka yang manjat-manjat buat bersihkan dan ngecat ulang, dasyat..

  2. Always love reading your travelling posts! Feels like I am travelling with you while you do the explaining…hehe…

    Glad to see that you’ve been very prolific in Year 2014…do keep those posts rolling in!

    Cheers!! 😀

    1. Always love to hear those words from you, Wendy. Thank you dear friend :).

      Nice to have accompany 🙂 :).

      I’m trying my best 😀 😀

    1. Oh yah? sayang sekali gak masuk, gak nemu bagian taman2 juga sih Feb, gw langsung masuk ke Loha Prasat-nya, soalnya di Wat Ratcha-nya lagi ada ibadah gitu.

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