Defining My Own Happiness

prayHappiness is something i always pursuit  the state that i always maintain to be. I talk to myself day by day, case by case that everything will be so much plain without happiness in it, everything I do will be wasted without happiness, without joy, but as far as I concern, the thing doesn’t work the way I want it to be, not always,  so happiness is not as easy as it might seems, never be that easy, so that’s why i have to work it my way, and one thing I’ve learned from yesterday; when life is getting hard, seems no door open to even a little happiness that I’m looking for; try to remember something that made me happy, look for at least one thing that can make me grateful on that day, or if that also fails just remember why do I have to throw myself in doing this so far? Is it worth to do? I just have two options in every case; take it or leave it which means take it with the whole problem that might come along or just leave it with the entire regret that might come later, and my highlight is be happy for whatever i might choose, for I’m the only one who knows exactly myself and can weigh my own capability.

God never promised a straight path to success, most likely it is a maze filled with obstacles of all kinds. The question for us whether we allow the obstacles to deter us or move forward in spite of them.–Larry Julian, GOD is my CEO-

Happy2No smile is as beautiful as the one that struggles through the tears. -Anonymous-

20121013_123144Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing instant in prayer.-Romans 12:12-

_Wish you all happiness year by year_


13 thoughts on “Defining My Own Happiness

  1. I am not sure about pursuing happiness, I think pursuit sounds very incessant, not stopping and a lot of effort. I think to be happy we perhaps we need to just be grateful and content of what we have got? You are right though about being happy for what you have chosen. Anyway.. Smile my friend let’s be happy!

    1. Indeed, Ndiene, pursuit seems hard and far when it’s actually come from inside of us.
      Thank you, let’s be happy. Hugssss!

    2. Ndine, tell you what..i just edited my first line about happiness in this post. :D, kekekeke, since pursuit is not suitable for that word. 😀

      *random talk in early Monday morning WITA* 😀
      Have a nice day 🙂 🙂

  2. I like to think of happiness as attitude and as something a person brings into their own lives, rather than something that comes along.

    I like your idea of remembering things that make you happy, as that’s the very thing that generates the attitude that then brings in more happiness. 😀

    You are right, too, in that the choice is always yours. I think that all things, even bad things, bring with them something positive. Sometimes the very act of looking for that positive thing can shift your perception and you can see the bad thing in a new light.

    Semangat. 😀

  3. Thanks for sharing. As you rightly said, that you always work out happiness in your own way, you are very right. What makes peter to be happy might not make John to be happy and what make patience to be happy might not make Ann to be happy. Each person chooses what will make him or her to be happy. Well said. Remain bless and more wisdom in the name of Jesus Christ.

    1. Hi,
      Indeed, what makes each person happy is different, the point is to know what it is and keep on focusing on it, don’t be bother by the others.

      Thank you for the affirmation 🙂

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