BA Reading Challenge 2013 Review

Maybe this post is too late, but I think it’s better than never, and I really want to do this because I had been following the challenge at 2013, I have to close it nicely right now.

Agatha ChristieHonestly I didn’t know how to wrap up the challenge, so I made a statistic of my reading for fun on my excel worksheet. It looked like I caught two birds with one stone; made something for post and as a disguise for wasting working hours (bad employee, here).

When I finished the statistic I was confused myself because it’s too random, I had no idea how the statistic could show me something important in relation with my reading speed or ability. It didn’t bring me anywhere. I almost threw it away and permanently deleted it if I didn’t remember how much energy and time that I had been wasted just to make the statistic and then, suddenly I found out that the statistic shows my emotional while reading it (again? It had to do with emotion? That’s me). The statistic shows how my fluctuated emotion drove my reading speed.

Oh yah, just to remind, I beat the challenge by reading 19 books from 15 books, like the challenge’s level, I’d been trying (hardly) to beat it.

BA Reading Statistic_YunaFrom 19 books, I only have 1 book with 5 stars rating which means I was really satisfied. It was The Chamber by John Grisham. I remember how enthusiast I read the book. I finished this 676 pages book with average 68 pages/day which was a little bit (just a bit) above the entire reading average in a year, 62 pages/day, and in 10 day which was a day longer than my reading days average (9 days). I can understand and forgive myself (grinning) for the long time reading because The Chamber was the thickest book among the others (Let’s forget about the words number because I didn’t count it) and besides that, the fact that John Grisham is one of two my most favourite novel writers couldn’t accelerate my reading speed because the book is in English. Honestly I had to forth and back open my English-Indonesia dictionary while reading it, especially the legal words he used in this book which I maintained along my busy time preparing trip to Japan. Whatever, it was my first English novel and I was satisfied.

I also gave 1 star only to one book, that was Lone Eagle from infamous romance novel writer, Danielle Steel, which was I knew later. I felt sorry toward her; for giving only one star and it was her first book that I read and I don’t think I will read any of her books anymore, unless someone with reading sense I trust suggested me. Actually I liked how the story began and I liked the characters too, until the story was developed. I didn’t like how it was developed, maybe the development not that bad because sometimes I found it in reality, it just the story against my principal about love and life. Honestly, I really wanted to put aside the book, but I just couldn’t do it and it tortured my feeling. Fair dinkum. I was enlightened while reading this post (excessive side of me); let love stay as love, it’s not love when somebody is hurt, when we are hurt, I think it’s not love, maybe ambition, desire, or just pride?

It looks like my average star is three stars and I gave it to 11 of 19 books. It means I enjoy most of my reading time despite of my unstable reading speed. In summary, some of books in this rate range were popular books, some from something-book-award-winning, a few from another of my two most favourite novel writer, Agatha Christie, and also from completely new book genre for me, sci-fi, The Kheakrian Threat by A.D.Everard. For the last one, I had the longest day of reading; 62 days. What excuses will I use this time? Ehm, it was a new genre for me, I’d never read sci-fi before because I always read (light) popular and children book. Besides that, the 600 pages book is in English, which made me becoming more and more close to my English-Indonesia dictionary and sometimes, there are a feeling when you got a new thing on the hands, and it was quite interesting, you wanted to enjoy it, without rushing, maybe that’s the another reason despite of my time reading when I was fully in my work field. Fair dinkum.

Last, two books for two stars. It wasn’t that bad and it wasn’t that good to my sense either. So – so, enough for killing the time.

That’s how I accomplished my reading challenge. My rating and my review absolutely based on my own preference, how the book enjoyable to my sense, despite the fact that I know how hard to come up with an idea to write even just a post like this, to chain the scattered letters on one’s mind in to words, and then in to a writing. Besides that, the writer didn’t write for my sense anyway, they wrote for the sake of writing.

Keep being challenged, keep reading, and enjoy it. \^o^/


11 thoughts on “BA Reading Challenge 2013 Review

  1. Kudos to you, my friend!! Make it 25 books in year 2014? hehe…

    Happy reading and Cheers!! D:

    1. ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞ YAY ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞ …hmm…meaning??

      There will be 30 BOOK REVIEW POSTS in year 2014??

      ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞ *FLY HIGHER!! CHEERS* ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞

  2. Semangat sore, Yuna – oh, my friend, you chose a big fat book for one of your reads. 😛 The Khekarian Threat is a big read in one book, especially if you are trying to go for a lot of books.

    I am honoured. 😀 I am also so pleased that you enjoyed my book.

    Oh, I have also tried to read Danielle Steel, and it did not work for me either, although there are many who like her writing. I would not worry about what star count you gave – she is a big name author and would have a lot of stars in all the ranges, I don’t think she’ll mind. (Even the biggest name authors get low stars too, it just proves that no writer can please everyone).

    Fair dinkum! (I like how you used that expression).

    Cheers! 😀

    1. Yes, that’s my biggest read. even though Mr. Grisham wins in number of pages, but yours the big one.

      Indeed. what I’ve heard so many times is one’s love is another loathe. We can please everyone.

      Thank you. Fair dinkum. *smiling widely*

      Semangat. ^____^

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