Foods for Field Break

Food is on my top list when I’m about to get my field break like now; in countdown, I have 10 days left for my next field break (this thing is one of mood booster in our mining life). This time, some cities would be passed by me, such us; Balikpapan (will be passed on the way to Sangatta), Samarinda (will be passed on the way to Sangatta), Sangatta (my dad’s home), Bandung (will be visited), and Jakarta (will be visited). So along the cities pass list, the list of food is coming along.


Balikpapan is famous for its seafood dishes and the most overrated one is ‘Kepiting Kenari’ (Sweet sour sauced crab). I don’t like crab dishes that much and I don’t hate it either, but if would have a crab base dishes, I better go to ‘Dandito Crab’. It tastes so much better than the first one.

Thus far, mostly all I could do in Balikpapan was transited and all I had was airport coffee, and I have never been impressed, so I better leave this city food list empty (for now).


I was born and raised up at Samarinda, so that’s why I’m more familiar with Samarinda’s taste. I have so many numbers of foods that I always want to eat while stopping at this capital city of East Borneo, but due to my limited time I always ended up at my top list food stalls.

– Bakso Bakwan Bintang

Literally meatball noodles of ‘Bakwan Bintang’. The broth taste, the precise density of the meatball, the proportional portion to my stomach has never failed to satisfied me.

Bakwan Bintang– Nasi Campur Pontianak

Literally mixed grilled bacon rice, sometimes I order capcay (Chinese mixed fried varied vegetables) to complete our table. I’ve tried some of this dish, but nothing can compete this place taste around East Borneo. The bacon not to plain and not ‘over spiced’ in term we couldn’t taste the original pork taste anymore.WarungPontianak

–  Kikil at Nasi Padang Warung Upik

Literally skin of cow’s feet curry with rice. Actually ‘Nasi Padang’ restaurant provides so many kind of dishes and mostly curry based, but I often go for skin of cow’s feet or its brain. Its pleasant gentleness always wins my demanding belly.

UpikNote: most Indonesian love ‘Nasi Padang’. Another story is here

– Grass Jelly Iced Cappuccino at Golden Bakery

Fresh, slightly bitter, and fulfilling.
CappuccinoThose are my top list of Samarinda.

Coming up; List of Bandung and Sangatta. Enjoy your meals! ^__^

18 thoughts on “Foods for Field Break

  1. Wow…counting down to something that we love to do is always the best!

    You know what? When I saw the cup in the first thought was “This shop is called “Little Orange World??” LOL…then I realized it is just your watermark…hehe..

    May your coming field break be of a wonderful one, my friend…and remember to READ…hehe..

    Happy Monday and Cheers!! 😀

    1. Owch, thank you Wendy, i wish i have a wonderful one. Ah, you gave me another idea for having my own glass. 😀 :D, especially for office. 😀

      Have a nice day.

    2. Ya…during this travel, perhaps you can find a shop to customize an orange mug using that…the font design is very lively and thus might brighten your working days (especially during those dark ones…touch wood…)

      Take care and Cheers!! 😀

    3. I think something like that is easy to find at Bandung and Jakarta.
      Owch, Wendy, thank you so much, what a very nice of you. Hugsssss.

      Take care and cheers. \^___^/

    4. You’re welcome, my friend!

      Do post a photo of that lovely mug if you happened to get one made during your coming field trip!

      Cheers!! 😀

    1. Hehehehehe, pastinya kalo dingin2 ingatnya bakso, ah jadi lapar juga (hampir jam makan siang). 😀
      Oh iya Ndiene, sudah lama banget sampai, kemren waktu sampai gw bales ke email lo sama di salah satu postingan lo. Ah, mungkin terlewat. Oh iyah, aku juga mau minta alamaymu ntar di email. Sapa tau kalo jalan lagi nemu post card lucu. 😀

      Sekali lagi makasih 😀 😀

    1. Buanget, ini sebentar lagi gw akan menikmati semua itu, kekekekekeke, 4 days left. :D. Ntar gw kirimin fotonya di whatsapp pas sudah dihidangin di meja yah. *Slurp*.

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