Foods for Field Break (Part II)

Nine days left for my field break and the food list is increasing. Yesterday, I posted about my favourite food in Samarinda, now I’ll go for Bandung. I’d lived at Bandung for more than 6 years so I love its taste. At first my stomach rejected the food in Bandung because mostly it’s raw vegetable, fried any-side-dishes, and separated ‘sambal’ (crushed chillies) without any broth while I used to eat the contrary serving.

So below the list of food which are hardly missed by me while visiting Bandung;

– Yamin Ceker besides Heritage Factory Outlet

Literally dried noodle with meatball and chicken feet, salty one. This is my most favourite street food in Bandung.

Bakso Ceker–  Panggang Lima Serangkai

Another pork base dish, literally grilled bacon, but this is the specialty of North Sumatra dish. It comes with pig feet soup, pork sausage, crushed cassava leaves, lime crushed chillies, and pig’s blood crushed chillies. There are several restaurants that provide this dish in Bandung, but I love ‘Lima Serangkai’.

Limser–  Warung Ampera

This is a widely spread franchise of Sudanese food all around Bandung. The restaurant provides so many kind of side dishes, the customers will choose what they want to eat, and then it would be re-heated. It is served traditionally. Each of side dish is welcomed well by my stomach especially while it is served with grilled petai (dark green beans with strong odour, could be found mostly in Southeast Asia).

Note: When I was looking for supporting picture, I found out that our President once visited the restaurant too. Ehm.

–  Nasi Campur Warung 99

Literally mixed grilled bacon rice. This is the best ‘Nasi Campur’ I ever had, the winner, from taste and the bacon portion. The only thing I don’t like from this stall is we have to come very early even before the owner come at evening, to get the first row in a long queue up. If i were late for front row queuing up, maybe this is the only food stall that I wouldn’t mind to be in a long queue.

Nasi Campur 99

– Assorted dim sum at Eastern

My fond of Chinese cuisine, especially dim sum is always answered nicely and sattisfying in this restaurant. Even though I don’t visit this often, I will always have my dim sum here, especially its red sauced chicken feet, siomay, and bakpau.EasternOwch, hardly stop my saliva so I stop here. Next will be Sangatta (my daddy’s home) and it would be dominated by the best two chefs in the house. 😀


6 thoughts on “Foods for Field Break (Part II)

  1. Dim Sum is my all time favourite when I was a little girl…but then it was so expensive in Singapore…LOL…and I would normally skip the buns because they are too tummy filling..hehe…:D

    Thank you for sharing this lovely post, my friend!

    Cheers!! 😀

    1. *high five*

      Ah, i found one in Chinatown when i went there, the taste is wonderful especially pork siomay and chicken feet, the restaurant name is Tak Po, yes dim sum price is expensive even in Indonesia T_T.

      Nice to know that you enjoyed this post Wendy. 😀

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