Beautiful Little Things

When the positive attitude comes and greets me, I think I suddenly become the brightest person in the world, I have a sweet smile on my face, I greets everyone that I meet cheerfully, even to those a*s*ol*s who threw their cigarette’s ash and their food plastics wrap on my work’s desk yesterday, I wouldn’t mind every harsh joke that been thrown at me, I talk softly to my work partner who often hides any work related conversation with our boss from me until the main meeting comes and then makes me look like a moron who doesn’t even care about my responsibility, then I forgive him at the moment, I forget (awhile) about my co-worker who captured my picture dressing in the way he thought didn’t  look good on me stealthily and then shared to her girlfriend who doesn’t like me because she always critics my each move (her girlfriend who doesn’t realize that the person who becomes her partner for gossiping, told me EVERYTHING because she used to be one of my lunch mate before I knew this girl always talks bad behind someone else’s back while becoming an angel with a wide smile in front of your face), I also laugh along my co-workers while they are calling me skunk (they are openly said that that name suits me the most because that what they feel about me; I’m sorry to make you all hate and avoid me when I don’t even know what I did wrong, but if the reason is you guys hate and avoid fat and ‘ugly’ girl but still have so much confidence on herself like what I’ve heard all this long, stay still in your opinion about me for I don’t fit those kind of people). Besides all of those, the important thing is in this state, I think everything is beautiful or has its own beauty; the sky is everyday miracle, the cloudy horizon is beautiful, the standing dry tree is a strong beauty, the caged bird is beautiful, the grass means fertility, and every little wild flower is an unaccepted and unseen beauty.



Flower4So, what’s this about unaccepted and unseen beauty? And little? Most of the little wild flower is called weed because it grows beyond human control, grows unexpectedly on roadsides, on our back yard, on our front lawn, on my daddy’s garden, and abundantly on barren ground. It grows wherever it wants to, it never asks our permission, and most of the time we want to get rid it off. It was unseen because we need to take much closer step to see the beauty it has, observe it, and then acknowledge that every flower has its own beauty.


Ash tree flower

KemuntingYes, I know why those are called weed instead of flower, but it doesn’t mean it always stays as weed, it just not the place where it could get the best of it or maybe it already grows on a proper place but the herbivore (which always makes the best of the ‘weeds’) apparently doesn’t show up, and not because we can’t see its beauty directly from afar, it always stays ugly. No it’s not like that. It’s not like that, at least on this scattered mind of mine.



Putri Malu

Mexican bluebellSelf note: To my colleagues, I take that ‘skunk’ as a compliment, actually it has a beautiful fur, the only problem is its smell spray which comes out when it is offended, it is used as a self-defend from any harm, actually people is getting the least rabies from skunk, the other species make the most of rabies to human. At least it doesn’t wound people intentionally.



11 thoughts on “Beautiful Little Things

  1. aaaw Yuna..*hugs*
    itu cowok tuh yg kayak gitu? eurgh, gak ada nilainya orang kayak gitu. Skunk? maksudnya? yg binatang dr amerika itu?
    I’m glad that you are wiser than these people, don’t let those horrible people let you down.

    1. Makasih Ndiene, HUgsss*

      Kalo dari klasifikasinya sih cowoq semua, tapi beneran baru di kantor ini yang nemu hampir semua begitu. Iyah… tapi di Kalimantan ada juga, di sini sebutnya Sigung, sering mati ketabrak movil. T_T. Jarang juga udah binatangnya.

      Makasih Ndien,,,kadang gw down, tapi gw tau kalo gw down mereka lebih semangat nyiksanya (di-bully2, hehehehehe)

    2. Males amat sih! eugh klo disini kayak gitu bisa di file pelecehan. Sepertinya cowok primitif yah? hihi. anyway.. kalau kata orang jepang Gambate! kalau kata orang korea Hwaiting, dan klo kata orang inggris Don’t let the bastards get you down. hahahaha.

    3. Iyah, banget, ini yang admin di sini bilang begitu, karena kita di konsultan technical, kalopun ada ceweq yg di hire rata2 kaya gw-lah, kekar2 tapi tetap manis, dan semua digituin ama cowoq2 ini. tapi katanya admin perlakuan ke gw yang paling parah. Ah, biarkanlah mereka…
      Makasih…makasih.. *terharu*

      Have a nice week days! 😀

  2. Gosh – so sorry to hear your work colleagues are like that 😦
    It is very admirable that you can speak out like you have and share this on your blog! And you are so right when you say everything has its own beauty – its a shame not everyone thinks like that!! Have a lovely weekend!! See you around 🙂

    1. Aw, thank you for giving nice comment and it’s like a soothing hug from afar. Thank you so much.

      My point is wherever i go, office by office that I’ve been work so far, i always find at least someone who doesn’t like me, for whatever the reason is, for whatever i do, whether it’s bad or good, it’s inevitable, so, all i can do is not to make them happy with their attitude by showing that I’m down, even though sometimes I’m really down..and all i could do is hide it from them.

      Thank you for you both.

      Have a lovely Sunday. 😀

  3. Yuna, I didn’t realize your colleagues treated you so badly.

    Have you talked to your boss about this? He or she might be able to move you to a new spot with different people. It is not right for you to be treated like this, and your boss will not like it, either.

    I know you said there always seems to be someone who dislikes you, and I think we’ve all bumped into that – I know I have – but some places are better than others, and some groups are better than others.

    It is not you and it is not anything you are doing.

    Don’t just put up with it, Yuna. It will wear you down and also encourage them to keep on doing stupid and mean things. You need to discuss this with someone who can put it right.

    1. Yes, it’s hard to admit. 😀 😀 😀
      I’m trying to deny the fact that sometimes not everone want to see your smile…
      I don’t know what’s wrong with most of people in this office, the atmosphere is the worst, but, them, who ‘bully’ every new employee have the same thought that this atmosphere is the best. I’m trying to cope up with all their sh*t because i don’t want to make them success more in expelling the new employees, they already make three new employees gave their resignation letter, and all three of them told me the real reason that they were being bullied. That’s bad.

      You know, nowadays, i fight back, but sometimes, i just too tired to fight and cried. Yesterday i thought that i didn’t fit ‘their world’, but where will i go, i meet some jerks like them somewhere anyway… T_T

      There was a talk that my boss will send me to another site, but what should i do? i liked this idea at first (because the sites is in one of the best beaches in Indonesia and the best three diving site in the world, Berau which Derawan Island lies,, but i don’t think i like the idea anymore because my boss send the person who hate me the most to that site (he even said it openly he doesn’t like me with any reasons, just doesn’t like me the way i am).

      I don’t know if i could bear this job anymore, actually my job is the easiest one in Engineering Department, i think i don’t shaking someone else’s position, and I’ve never tried and wanted to do it. I don’t know if i ever hurt one of them, i don’t know, but one thing for sure, they don’t like my appearance…they just love to have someone to be their bully target…not because I’m too weak to fight back, but that’s too childish to have.

      Ah, how cruel this ‘working’ life for someone who has no ambition in position and something like that.

    2. Only you can make the decision to move to the new site or to stay where you are.

      Staying, though, you KNOW it is bad.

      Going it only MIGHT be bad. You might also find it is much, much better.

      In your place, I would take the chance. That person who did not like you who went there might have been forced to change if the people around him do not allow for bullying (if he was like that with you, he will be like that with others).

      Even if the new site is as bad, you will have the beautiful beaches. 🙂

      And if that person is still there and is as awful to you, you might have to tell him that it is his problem and he needs to keep his attitude outside of work.

      Good luck, my friend, with whatever you choose to do. At least here on your blog and on other blogs, you have friends around you who care.

      Sejuta peluk.

    3. Allyson,
      thank you so much for concerning it with me, i really appreciate it and happy that you comes with a conclusion and strengthen words.
      Yes, when I’m on my beautiful mind state, i thought it’s their problem to hate me or not, they deal with it, all i need to do is walk my own way and live my life..the hell with them.

      Thank you and those ‘sejuta peluk’ really makes my day. Fair dinkum.
      😀 😀 😀

  4. Don’t you just feel like a lotus flower whenever your positive attitudes hit you???

    Being so happily beautiful despite living/working with many %^%#& a*s*o*e*…hehe…

    Happy Monday and Cheers!! 😀

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