Foods for Field Break Part III; Sangatta

I don’t eat at restaurant much when I’m home (at my daddy’s home, actually) because I have 2 great chefs in the house; my sisters. They make one of the best foods in Sangatta (my preference and mostly their friend’s preference). They always ask my day off schedule and when I’m about arriving at Sangatta, they would have been stocked up the ingredients to welcome my arrival (that’s the best thing of working apart from our family). Three days left to my field break and I already decided to have at least these foods.

–  Mixed vegetable porridge and ‘sambel kering ikan asin’ (literally spicy deep fried dried salted fish)

We usually have porridge for brunch late breakfast; I’ve never found any porridge that compete my sister’s recipe, especially the one with mixed vegetable. Our home porridge will have a perfect combination with spicy fried dried salted fish. Put small piece of fish in each bite would be the best way to have the meals.Bubur–  Sayur Tu’tu’

Cassava leaves, pork, salt, onion, shallot, chilly, and lemon grass are the basic ingredients. How we treat the cassava leaves that makes this menu special and actually, there are two ways; by grinding until it has a really fine texture or by milling the cassava leaves with our bare hands. Honestly I love the last one, but it needs more effort.Sayur tutuk–  Sayur Pakis Tumis (fried vegetable fern)

Add slices of chilly and pork (oh, sorry for hardly separate pork in each dish) and I could finish a plate this dish without any carbohydrate (rice commonly).

Tumis Pakis–  Any fried snacks and Toraja Coffee

Without me putting it on the list, the Toraja coffee would be naturally serve on the table twice a day, but it would be a complete serving with any fried snack. The snack that comes up would be based on the ‘fruit season’ in our area, whether breadfruit, ‘cempedak’ (Artocarpus integer) or banana.

Coffee–  Wadai Lumpur

This cake is famous with “bingka” name, but the people who live in our home call it ‘wadai lumpur’ (mud cake), I don’t know why my mom introduced that name to us, all I could think is the texture of this cake, It’s soft but sweet (and this is one of my most favourite few sweet dishes). Wadai lumpur would be best serve with a cup of sugarless tea to balance its sweetness.

WadaiFive must have dishes would be more than enough for this time and before we run out the stock of ingredients, I’m going to call my sisters first.

-Enjoy your meals- \^0^/

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