Happy Birthday, Dad

Happy (belated) birthday, Day!

I wish you more years, happiness, and healthiness to come, so we can make so much more good moments. I (selfishly) wish you keep being strong for whatever bad times that might come up on your path. I wish you never let your hope down for whatever the bad times your children might facing someday because you care about us too much. Dad, it’s really hard to find the words to say how much i love you for whatever you are, how grateful i am (and i think all of your children) to have a father like you; you and all the things that you love, honestly it always has been amazed me.


Dad n grandchildrenOh yeah, the only thing i don’t like is this; you already got yourself a new princess and also prince, when i used to be your only one ‘Tuan Puteri’. I’m a little bit jealous by that.


Dad’s is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love. -Unknown-

Dadd1Happy belated birthday, dad. I wish you happiness. Do you know that you are most handsome while laughing or just smiling? So, i hope you have it more and more from now and then, and forever. 🙂 🙂

Dad 2


Sincerely and with so much love,

You used to be the only one ‘Tuan Puteri’, Yuna


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dad

    1. Makasih mba, 😀 😀
      Iyah, emang asik, kalo subuh ama senja, di situ cantik pemandangannya mba. Ngelihat matahari muncul dan tenggelam, adem banget rasanya. 😀

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