Okay, it’s on – A Free Kindle Science Fiction

Another gift that wouldn’t hurt if we take it. 😀
Go and grab it, anyone, hurriedly. 😀 😀

Bloodstone Sci Fi


The Khekarian Threat, the first book in the Khekarian series is going out free on Kindle for a five day period (ending around midnight of Friday the 23rd of May USA Eastern Standard Time) – Clicking “continue reading” below will take you to the rest of this post (still at this blog) where I’ve stashed the outgoing link to the free Kindle book at Amazon, along with instructions on how to download it (if you’re new to this kind of thing) – ALSO available through that same Amazon link is a downloadable free Kindle reader if you don’t have Kindle and don’t want one, so you can read The Khekarian Threat on your personal computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.

I cannot tell you if you will like this book, because there is no such thing as a book that everybody loves, but I can say that if it grabs you…

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8 thoughts on “Okay, it’s on – A Free Kindle Science Fiction

    1. Hi Ndien,

      Wow *sambil koprol* makasih pake banget, it’s an honour, i’ll check it and reply it soon. 😀 😀

    2. Ah itu biar kedengaran berlebihan, kan alay, anak layangan, eh dulu SMP sih bisa, karna diusahakan bisa kalo pelajaran olahraga. 😀

    1. You are most welcome, Allyson. It’s won’t hurt anyone, anyway. 😀 :D, further more, it will bring advantage. 😀

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