Just Another Random Friendship Conversation

Don’t explain yourself to anyone; because those who hate you or don’t like you won’t believe it and your friends (best friends) don’t need it. –Unknown-

This morning that quotes suddenly dancing in my mind. Like usual, thanks to technologies in this era where we live in, my friends and I can easily have our conversation even though we are miles apart, and none of us living at least in the same island. Almost every day we share so many random things; sometimes it’s funny, daily life story, sometimes it is a sad story, and mostly random funny things. Whatever it is, the whole conversation really could make my day… Knowing my friends are doing well makes me happy. So, how our friendship conversation works?

  1. 406-woman-cartoons
    took the picture from here

    Mostly we love to talk so many random things. When I say random here, it’s really random, from something that you can throw at garbage or spam mail, something that could drive you to give punch on the face if you were face to face, something that makes you tear burst out, something that you can give a big hug, something that would make you throw a congratulation party, something that makes your smile a little wider something that makes you laugh out loud, or even rolling on the floor if you had some space to do it and wouldn’t mind to be mistaken as a random mental hospital patient,and the other some things. Just something like that, enough to make the conversation continue and makes each of us knows what is happening in the other parts of the world, besides the space each of us sitting. Enough to know that each of us is doing well, or at least if one of us is not doing well, enough to give support and know that person is going to solve her/his own problem.

  2. Sometimes we give a little compliment one to another. Honestly, I don’t know if our compliment works for each of us since as far as she/he doesn’t hurt anyone else (that person is included), or just passed something well, or simply happy, my friends and I would say we did a good job. The greater the achievement we did, the greater or more excessive we have the way to say it. :D. Such an odd friendship, doesn’t it?
  3. Sometimes we were dragged to video calls which are mostly initiated by Dodo. And oh yeah this morning he dragged us to hear his covering ‘All of Me” by John Legend which success makes all of us miss him, as if he sang that song especially for me (It gave that sense because I hear it with both ears fully cover by earphone at maximum sound level, so his voice become so clear, mine eyes were teary while listening the song).

    source of picture
  4. The other times we give (kind of) harsh words one to another and this time looks like Wulan is being hit the hardest. That strange, but actually because we love her so much. We simply don’t want to hide anything from her, we think about what is ‘actually’ happening from the outsider point of view, but it all comes back to her; she knows what is best for her. Actually that how it works; we give suggest, one to another, we try as honest as possible, we say what it’s best in our opinion, but in the end it all comes back to the person who has the problem. He/she knows the best for herself, weighting it all with her/his own capability.beleve-cartoon-friend-friendship-love-Favim.com-270575

Ah, actually there are so many ways of conversation, but so far, that’s all what i can remember, and it looks like i just opened my treasure box and show you guys one of the thing that collect there. 😀 😀


Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit. –Aristotle-

3 thoughts on “Just Another Random Friendship Conversation

  1. ah tears running out read the thread..our talk always make my day too..i really appreciate all suggestion and no hurt feeling of it..:p

    Our friendship is too beautiful yun..feel blessed to have best friends like you, asep, dodo and mayo. Really really miss our togetherness..

    1. Ah, nice to hear than, my dear friend. Hugssss…hugsss.

      Indeed, it’s so much beautiful, i couldn’t imagine if we didn’t meet before guys. 😀 :D. What a blessing!!

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