If I Could Find a Way to Make It Easier

Argh, it looks like I’ve picked up a few hard books in 2014 and it makes my reading challenge accomplishment is getting slow and this is bad for me since I’ve been bought so many books in 2014.

959645Hamlet by William Shakespeare, besides the fact that the Prince of Denmark took revenge after his father death by his own uncle, and then this uncle married his mother, and how everyone ended up (which I see the background story similar to bible story when David sent Bathsheba’s husband to war because of his desire to marry her), I didn’t get the other detail of the story. This is only 191 pages book, but success in confusing me and making me ashamed for reading a book without knowing what was happened besides the ending. I hate it.

15994367Lupa Endonesia by Sujiwo Tejo, yupss, another confusing book for me. Finally I got it when there’s a saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, so that works for this book. I was allured by its cover, title, and the synopsis. I love its simple cover, the title and synopsis were interesting and besides that, some testimonials completely won my heart to buy this book. This book was written by an eccentric Indonesian author who is also an artist, it was fully written in Indonesia language. So, why did it become a problem? The problem wasn’t from the book; it was my bad for not having any knowledge about characterization in wayang (puppet theatre performance from Java). Yes, the whole story was parable to wayang and I was completely lost. Even though I maintained to read the whole book, I didn’t know even a slight what was each story told about. I owned the book which was published by Bentang Pusaka with 232 pages.

8537274Currently, I’m reading this book, it has been two months since my first time opened the first page of book, but I tell you what all I’ve got so far, I’m struggling reading this book, and I’m at page 110 of 373 (for two months??). Pretty bad. Like usual, in this state, all I can do is trying to finish the book even though my movement is slower than the snail’s movement, and yes, a little bit nagging like this. 😀 and I just couldn’t put it aside and change my reading for I bought this book when I visited Sydney. No, I couldn’t, it would be a wasted souvenir if I didn’t finish the book.

Not to forget to mention Nineteen Eighty-four by George Orwell, I’ve been trying to read this super thin book for three times, and none of those attempts were accomplished by me. Sad me. Finishing a book even though I didn’t get the whole story until the end is mostly like a promise for me, and this book (Which was published by Penguin Books, 268 pages) is special since my friend gave it to me when I was visiting him to his country two years ago, so that’s why it is even harder for me not to complete read the book. Besides the language barrier, actually I simply couldn’t get in to the story, even though I was trying so hard.20130201_061224

Since when did read a book become this frustrating for me? I used to read in light mind and heart.

Have you ever been encountered by something like this while reading? What book do you find hard to read but couldn’t get it away from your hand? Or one of those books is in you bookshelf?


13 thoughts on “If I Could Find a Way to Make It Easier

  1. iya gw setuju dengan buku karangan Sujiwo Tejo itu. Kayaknya emang isinya gak begitu menarik. Bukannya gak ngerti tapi isinya rada …meeh.. gitu.
    1984, keep at it.. brilliant book. Lots of books are based on this dystopian world, but also if you read about North Korea, it is freakishly like the book.

    1. *toss*, akhirnya ada yang setuju ama gw, walau gw bukan karna ngerti, tapi karna blass, gak ngerti. Syukurlah kalo ternyata ceritanya gak menarik, jadi gak menyesal-menyesal banget karna gak ngerti.

      !984? Okay, I’ll make another attemp, after Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice :D.
      Ah, I’ll find the one about North Korea. Makasih Ndine. 😀 ❤

  2. Talking about difficult books, I’ve this free e-book in my mobile “Tale of Two Cities” and after reading the first few pages…I was like…”Huh?…Hmmm…”

    That was many years ago, I still have it in my phone, but one day, I am going to get through reading it…LOL…

    Happy Monday, my friend!

    Cheers!! 😀

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