Let’s Travel Together

Hi, I’m back from my (pretending) busy life and since I have to many things to share, but to confuse to decide where to start, then here the easiest post and I think important enough to share; my travel plan from mid to end of 2014. I want to tell you one thing, this blogosphere somehow changes me into something that I’ve never been before; I tell so many things that I’m not used to share, so did my travel plan. I always keep my travel plan; especially travel outside my country from people, but those few people who really are close with me like my sister and my best friends. But now, I feel like to share it because of some reasons; first, I want to get a worth suggestion from people here, in blogshpere because I trust your suggestion, most of it is honest. Second, I want to share the date and place so maybe I could meet whoever wants to meet up. I think it would be nice to meet people you have never meet before (with all of the risk that might come up). Third, the reason is in progress (honestly I just thought about those two reasons, and I think it’s too little, so I add the third, kekekekeke).

Travel 2First, at Mid August, I’m going to Surabaya, East Java, for my best friend’s wedding, but I think I would be really busy to be a bride’s maid, so, this is kind of (just) information.

Second, right after the wedding celebration, all of us, including the groom and bride are heading to Bali and Lombok. Yeay!!!! (I could spare my time if somebody want to meet up).

Third, at End of October to Early November, I’m going to revisit Japan, and it would be Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Actually I want to skip spending more time at Kyoto and Osaka because I want to explore the other part of Japan, but my travel mate won’t let me (honestly, I’m still opened for any suggestion in anything for Japan, especially for new places, interesting, food, culture, etc).

TravelSo, those three big events at my each field break that I’m going to have until end of this year. Any suggest in each place that I want to visit/ or is there somebody want to meet up?

Note; For Japan, i have to get visa first, i hope i got one. 😀

Travel 3Thank you before. \^0^/


10 thoughts on “Let’s Travel Together

  1. Selamat Siang, Yuna! Oh, you will have a wonderful time, and very busy, too. Congratulations to your friend on her wedding, and to you, too, for being a bridesmaid! That will be exciting. 😀

    Semangat selalu!

    1. Selamat Sore, Allyson.
      recently i have a very late reply and sorry for that.
      Thank you so much, Allyson. I’ll tell my friend your greeting. Yes, i could feel the excitement. 😀 😀

      Sama – sama semangat! \^o^/

    2. Never worry about being late to reply – I’m like that myself at the moment. There is a lot going on and sometimes I fall behind with everyone. 🙂

    1. Ayo..ayo..ayo..travel bareng, kapan yaksss??
      Sepertinya memang asik. Ayo, mari. 😀 😀

      Btw, apa kabar??
      Lama tak bersua. 🙂

    2. Pasti mahal di tiketnya yaksss? inipun diriku mesti nabung juga untuk keberangkatan Oktober itu. 😀 😀
      Semangat nabung untuk travel. 0_0.

      Iyah, ini sama-sama sibuk, ini pulang cuti, partner kerja aku langsung cuti, jadi ribet. 🙂

      Cheers! \^o^/

    1. Thank you. Happy travelling for you, too!!! 😀 😀

      Note: Yes, that’s the infamous Penang street art, and i love it. 😀

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