Lunch at Ceking Terrace, Tegallalang

At the end of May i had another chance to visit Tegallalang in Bali. My last trip to that place just to see how was the Terrace Ceking, but at this trip i had a chance to spend a longer time there, had a lunch while enjoying the fresh air and nice scenery of Tegallalang.

Terrace 1
The view from my first trip to Tegallalang and it still stayed the same at end of May

Terrace 2

Terrace 3Ah, maybe one thing that made it a little bit different was some part of green leaves which turned in to yellow; I think we were not far from harvest time. 😀

Terrace 3-2I forget the name of restaurant where we had lunch, but it is located in the middle of restaurants line which has the Teracce Ceking view. I went there with my newly-wedded friend’s family from Japan, so we took the family seat empty table.

Terrace 4

Terrace 4-2When everyone already had their own seat, we directly ordered our own dish, and i had ‘Nasi Campur Bali’, literally Balinese’s mixed rice.

Terrace 5What was more delicious than my dish that time?! A plate of proportional and well spiced Balinese mixed rice with beautiful view, fresh air, cheerful, and enthusiasm companion with high curiosity.

Terrace 6Despite of the language barrier, I still wonder how was our lunch atmosphere turned into something friendliness and cheerful. It was one pleasing experience.

SC20140717-164218With a stomach full, I had to bid farewell to my friend and her family because my own trip to West Java, Bandung was needed to be continued. Even though it was just a slight moment, I really enjoyed the lunch and the whole trip. Indeed. And I think, I will have another lunch there, someday.


9 thoughts on “Lunch at Ceking Terrace, Tegallalang

  1. Beautiful place, beautifully described. It’s always a different experience to read travel experiences as they take me to the place. Thank you for sharing your trip experience with us.
    It’s always good to connect with people, I would like to invite you to visit my blog when you have a moment.
    Keep sharing 🙂

  2. Rice field is always a welcoming view. May it be during planting, harvesting, or just plain empty.
    Nice pictures …..and nice food….and nice companions~~
    all the recipes of great vacation 🙂

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