The Calling

I call it the calling for it makes me want to approach the place. I’ve been travelled intensively nowadays than I did before, but I’d never been interested to buy any postcard and put any concern about it until my abroad friends sent me these few postcards and I was happy to know that someone out here is think and care enough about me by sendinga postcard and i though “oh, there’s a bliss even in a simple thing like this”. So, since then I make up my mind to start collecting and sending postcard from any place, and it must be better the unique one. Yes, yes, I know it’s too late, but I just found my own time.

These two first postcards were sent by my dear Friend, Andiene, how thoughtful she was, for sending me something that i like and like me. 😀 Thank you so much Andine, those brighten my day.

PostcardI never thought that read something like this could make up someone’s day. exactly my day. 🙂

PostThe second postcard from Andine,


She knows how much I love Tintin, and i wish she knew that how much i loved her for sending me this postcard, not to forget to mention the words behind it. 😀


Found where it was!

This one was sent by my lovely travel friend and sister, Liz who are studying at Gent.


This lovely sister always supports me in a positive way, so does it shows in her words at the postcard. I’m grateful for such a younger sister 😀 😀

Postcard4I have so much not blood related lovely sister who cares about me, so does Angel who sent me this while she travelling to China. I still love it, even though it wordless. 🙂Postcard5And the last which actually the first postcard from abroad that I’ve ever received was from my friend’s friend from Paris. We’ve never met, but the love already approached me..oh yeah, I pasted this postcard on my diary from the first time i received it, at 2007.


That’s all i have so far, but really meaningful. How about you? What do you think about postcard? Too late? Too old fashioned? Nice? Do you want some of it? Or you just don’t care? 😀

8 thoughts on “The Calling

  1. This is lovely, Yuna. What wonderful friends they are. When travelling, yes, I think that a postcard captures the moment and it is nice to share something like that with friends. 😀

    1. Indeed, Allyson. I think so. So, i need your addressed for my next travel. 😀 😀

      email me please. Thank you before. 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you Zupher,
      If you are interested to be sent a postcard by me, you can drop your home address at my email;
      i’ll send you one from my next travel to Japan. I’ll be stop at 4 or five cities of Japan. 😀
      in case you are interested. 😀

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