Random Memories of Kuala Lumpur

I’ve been travelled abroad to a few places and all of it by infamous Malaysian (especially around Asia) low cost carrier. So, I’ve been transited a few times at Kuala Lumpur and below, my random memories and pictures about Kuala Lumpur.

KL1Curious, was my first feeling when I was about stepping on Kuala Lumpur, you know, I feel like our relationship with this neighbour country is like pull and push love. I was imagined how it felt to experience the country which culture, people, and weather were similar to what I have been used to, but just differ by political border.

KL2First icon first, Twin Tower, I’ve never been denied and it doesn’t matter to me when people told that I was a tourist. Yes, I am, aimed for the city’s icon, the city’s pride, tourist’s target.

KL3Second visit to twin tower was not the same to the first one. My second visit to Twin Tower was with my beloved sister. I persuaded her to wait until evening to take more pictures. The funny thing was, while waiting, my sister and I were busy commenting about people who took picture in front of Twin Tower, from selfie to group picture, from how they tried to take the ‘mainstream’ style to different pose or unique pose, it was really interesting. And, of course in the end, we joined the other tourists; took our picture in front of it, but with lack sense of modelling pose.

KL3-KL4Chinatown, its activity and especially its food has never failed me, even though it never be the luxurious one, but I love to see the hectic activity at morning when the merchants prepared their shop, the interaction at market, hospital and seemed interesting conversation between customer and merchant (even though i lost in translation), and the most likeable part was the street hawker, it source of  good and delicious meals, while at night it turned in to busy, noisy, and crowd flea market that sold so many cheap souvenir and food. At night, I still put my concern to interaction that happened at market while having my delicious varied meals. It was pleasing.

KL5Supper at Jalan Alor was always amusing. It is a busy street (especially at night) which is dedicated to food (mostly Chinese food and seafood) and leisure. I love Chinese food, especially any kind of noodle and dim sum, so the lively Jalan Alor has always been my choice for supper. It was really nice to see how people spent time for dinner while having chit-chat there.

KL6The difference doesn’t matter, it all works in harmonisation for building up the city’s face (in my opinion). Read one article here.

KL7Rapid KL (something like the system) always been my dream for Indonesia, at least for our capital city, Jakarta since the first time I experience its efficiency.

KL8I also wish that our National Heritage was as famous and treasured as these buildings (or it just me who don’t know the progress of ours?). It was neat and comfort to walk despite all the hot temperature and humid weather.

KL9That’s my impressions of Kuala Lumpur. What about you?


15 thoughts on “Random Memories of Kuala Lumpur

  1. I just got back from Indonesia, and I thought your country is doing a better job than Malaysia! You are just in time, because most of the old buildings are actually being teared down to make way for an upcoming train construction.

    If you ever come by to KL, don’t go to Jalan Alor. The food is overpriced and average as they cater to foreigners more. Instead try going to Imbi (it’s a small old district hidden behind Berjaya Times Square and also accessible by monorail + walking) Food there is much more delicious, and cheaper.

    1. Owch, thank you, i take that as compliment. But the way, which area have you been in Indonesia?

      Do you like Indonesian food?

      Noted for Jalan Alor, that place is highly mentioned for having street food. Imbi? I’ve heard before, but never tried. Thank you for nice information. 😀

    2. I was in Jawa Tengah for a few days. We tried the bebek goreng and it was absolutely delicious! Somewhere in Wonosobo. It was so good we ordered extra! And then there was the nasi pecel somewhere in Ambarawa, just a small warung by the road, but it was so delicious and cheap. I don’t think I had a bad meal in Indonesia at all, everything was so delicious!

    3. Nice to hear, yeah you picked the food right because Jawa Tengah is good for their pecel and bebek goreng. 🙂

  2. Hi Yuna,

    I also dream to be there in KL as well as in Indonesia though KL has a world famous Skyscraper like Petronas tower but I’m still facinated with Indonesia’s ancient structures like Burobudor and Myanmmar famous Angkot Wat. Keep safe

    1. I hope we can meet someday in Indonesia, you and your family. Agree, something like Petrones is nice to see, but Borobudur and Angkor Wat are the things that could make us fascinated. 🙂

  3. Glad to hear that you have nice time here~
    Like people have mentioned. City is city. It has all the bling but lack the chemistry. It is awe-inspiring with the city light and all, but when the light is off, it just left you with some smelly road and over-clutter crap. But despite it all, KL did have some of its up and down and I’m proud to be part of it. But to experience the real essence of Malaysia, you may need to other part of it like Penang, Malacca, Sabah and east coast side like Kelantan or Terengganu. Anyway good luck travelling!!

    1. Owch, thank you for sharing your thoughts Zupher, i really like it. Indeed. That’s the common problem of big city. I went to Georgetown at early this year and i love that city. I want to back again to Penang for a longer time. :D.

    1. Yes, i did, Allyson. I have to enjoy in anyway. 😀
      especially when i need to save money, time, and effort to go there, but i try to enjoy every moment. 🙂

    2. Yes, i think so, but sometimes focus on taking pictures makes the moment less enjoyable, just a little, a little, so I’m trying to balance it. 😀

      Cheers. 🙂 🙂

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