Sudden Calling

How does it feel to be called by your dad in your most stressful and hectic day?

I just want to write this. My beloved dad just called me three hours ago. I was so busy and focusing on my monitor when his calling appeared on my phone’s screen. It was unusual because we usually call each other at evening or night after my working hour, so at first I frowned while looking at my phone, then I was panic. Why was I panic? Since my mom’s accident that took her away from me about 5 years ago, all unusual calling time from my family will be something that makes my heart beats faster. Traumatic? I don’t know, but it just how my heart’s beat works nowadays and I haven’t been able to cope with this.

So back to the time after panicking moment, I picked up the phone, my dad trembling voice made my heart beat even faster, but fortunately, gradually I found out that it was his exhausted voice after being exposed about 4 hours to hot weather in sunny day while fishing with his friends, and I thanked God for that, and then our conversation was turning into something amusing, my dad called me, just to tell me his funny story, how their fishing time turned into something funny. That was 15 minutes moment which successfully made me laughing out loud to the point I could not hold my tear. It made my day. 😀

Ah, I just realized, sometimes we need to take a break awhile from our (seems so) busy life and spend a little time just to hear story like that and give our self a little bit louder laugh. That had been 8 days since our last call anyway. *Bahagia itu sederhana*.

Photo 17-10-2014 04 38 47 pmLast, thank you dad for calling.  ❤ 😀 🙂

6 thoughts on “Sudden Calling

  1. That is so nice that he called you to share a story with you! You are really lucky to have each other. Unexpected calls sometimes send me in panic mode too after my father in law suddenly passed away last year. So I can totally understand your fear or concern of untimely phone calls.

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