Bustling Doutonbori, Osaka

I have been to Osaka twice and always visited Doutonbori, one of the main tourist destination in Osaka. In spite of the fact of its crowd, I still haven’t found any reasons not to adore the Doutonbori Area. Furthermore it was like my re-charged spot.Doutonbori1b

On my second visit, my friend said that the entire advertisement at Doutonbori Area was over-illuminated, but I didn’t think so. It did surprise me at the first glance, and still did surprise me at the second chance. I saved Doutonbori as the last place to be visited on the planning day. So, after spending more than half day continuously roamed around Osaka, as I stepped my foot on Doutonbori Area and saw those sparkling advertisements, my eyes were also sparkly bulging and my foot re-gained its strength to take another stroll. In other words, it was sort of an energizer for me, not just another over-illuminated thing. 😀

Doutonbori1cThe second thing was the crowded street. Some people just don’t like a crowded tourist area; I feel that way too, sometimes. While travelling, there were times, when I tended to avoid the crowd and I cancelled the trip. There were also times that I tried to avoid the crowd area, but for one or two reasons, I went to that place inevitably. Doutonbori was the second one. It was too crowded, and I think it will always be, but a reason like that was not strong enough to make me skipping it. Even though I was jostled to the corner a few times for not keeping up with the Osakan’s speed or being stuck obliviously in the middle, or were simply squeezed into the crowd, I still loved to be there. Lately, I even loved stopping for awhile and enjoyed watching the passersby, for their fashions and actions. It was something pleasant for me to watch.

Doutonbori2aNot forget to mention the free street performance at the riverside that once I watched after getting my stomach full. Doutonbori2bOne more thing was the time when I followed the unwritten and unspoken rule of just-waiting-your-chance for taking your in front of Glico the Running Men’s billboard (just like the others famous spots) with my two arms were raised. 😀

Doutonbori2The third energy booster was the reasonable priced shops. I’m not so into shopping, I’m just kind of person who loves to buy something for people that I love while travelling, with the limited shopping budget. But unfortunately, I had not been able to do it until I arrived at Osaka. My limited budget was not befriended with most of shop’s price tags in Tokyo. Those tags even made me frowning and also limply. I thought that Tokyo’s shops were made to drain my wallet. Thus, I did live again when I found that I could buy one or two things at street shops along Doutonbori to Shinsaibashi Street at northward.

Doutonbori3Fourth, the last but not the least, of course was the food. No others work faster in enhancing the energy the way food does on me this far and Osaka is well known for its food. There is even a Japanese proverb about this;

Dress (in Kimonos) till you drop in Kyoto; eat till you drop in Osaka.

The proven proverbs. We’ve been in few places full of varies food at Osaka and as far as I remember, none of it made us disappointed, so did the Doutonbori Area. There was even a day when my friend and I couldn’t resist the food temptation in Doutonbori, so we stuffed our stomachs full with so many kinds of food until we completely could not take it anymore. Satisfied. 😀

Doutonbori4That was Doutonbori for me. I had been bustled in Doutonbori.

Doutonbori5Proverb was taken from wikipedia.

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