Celebrating Blogging (Moments of 2014)

I received a notification that I’m celebrating my second year of blogging in wordpress. Comparing to toddlers, they are the cutest at two years old, but me? Ehm, I don’t think this blog even has a cuteness in it. :D. Ehm, I don’t have so much progress in this year. I don’t even think my English (writing) is taking a level ahead (for one of my reasons in making the posts this way is to be better in English). Since I don’t have any idea what to share in celebrating this moment, I think I will share my remarkable time in this year. I know it is not something interesting to share but I’ll write it anyway. It will be quite long. Here we go;


That month had a special credit from me. As I told before my sister and I did travel to few cities in Southeast Asia. Even though we just had brief stop in each city, we shared so many unforgettable moments, both bad and goods. It made us closer, it made us understanding one to another more, and the most important, it made us brave to dream more, and shared our dream. I already posted one story about this trip and I really love a feedback from my impressive friend, Allyson about it.

Sometimes a rough holiday makes the best memories. –Allyson Everard


I didn’t have specific event besides enjoyed the harvest time in South Borneo mostly local fruits varies from sour to sweet which only could be found in South Borneo, also mangosteen and rambutans. Not much.


At the late March, I was home for field break. One thing that I noticed, my adorable niece is growing up cheerfully. I was really surprised when she was playfully performing a song in front of me and (pretending that she was good at) playing the guitar. Our lovely little girl. She knows how to entertain and steal the attention. 😀


Full month at work field. All I could do was doing my routine. Speaking of it, as far as I remember, this year is the hardest time for coal mining. So many people lost their job due to the globally reduction of coal production which caused by so many aspects (I will not share it here). Some companies are struggling to survive this battle including the company that I’m served. In this point, even though you have the skill, you have the will, it is quite hard to survive when there are no field to serve, and needs a little bit luck (I don’t know if it is just me). I don’t have any idea if I’m considerate enough to be grateful in this state. To be grateful for what I have and what I’ve been, while the others are considering their way holding into the job that they have been doing for so long time for the sake of their responsibilities in many ways. I think most of people not ready yet to leave the coal mining company for whatever the reason is.


20140529_160219Living a life indeed full of its up and down. However, my down time couldn’t stop me for celebrating someone else’s ‘up’ moment. In May, I attended one of my friends in Bali. I was really happy for them, and being happier knowing that I was one of the people they trusted to share one of their important and wonderful moments in life. Furthermore, we spent more days in Bali, and that made me having new friends and new experience. Simply blessed.


I was born in June, so that makes each June is special to me, and I think it always be, even though this June was started bad. Forget about bad thing that happened, at least I have my lesson learned; about sorry and forgiveness. Sorry and forgiveness are something personal; It’s personal thing whether to forgive and forget someone who un/intentionally hurt you or not (I tend to choose to forgive, anyway), and that also means that you do “sorry” personally too. So, it works two ways. Any “bridge” to do both things is either inappropriate, inacceptable, or looks insincere.

It was painful, though! T__T

Ah, I got another lesson, it was simple cooking. I wish it was accepted as cooking. J

Cooking lesson approved?
Cooking lesson approved?

That all was my half remarkable moments in 2014. To be continued…


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    1. Thank you.
      It’s nice to know that someone like what I’ve shared here, and yes, you are right, it helps us to be a better person ahead. 🙂

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