Scattered Mind of Mine

I had been making my second post about moments of 2014 when my mind was suddenly interrupted by another thought about thing that has been bothering me after having each of my travelling. It was about languages. It wasn’t that bad at first until one of my colleague recklessly said this,

“Oh, don’t bother if we can’t speak English that well, Yuna, herself, even though she spent vacation abroad a few times, she doesn’t speak English that well, as we expected, so why bother?” with his annoying loud voice, in the middle of room, and out of blue.

Edge_RevisedWhy did he suddenly pick me? When I didn’t even join their conversation? I notice this guy always has something bad to tell about the others colleagues, but why me? Again? And then I re-considered it, that wasn’t the first time, I was offended or at least felt I was being offended by that kind of situation. We are on the same boat, though. I wasn’t born as a native English speaker person nor growing up in English speaking country, I’ve never been stayed in English speaking country more than a week, the difference is I just confidently speak and blog in English with the basic English that I learned at Junior to Senior High School despite of lacking in grammar and vocabulary (I still studying English but I don’t even know why my brain can’t keep up that well, really, dude). So, I was sorry for not meeting your expectation dude. I was also sorry for making you lost your willingness to study English more because I couldn’t do it well. I was sorry for spending vacation out of our beloved country, and did not have any positive effect to my English. I was sorry for that, honestly speaking it made me sorry for myself too.

annoyingThe second case for English. Since my travelling hobby was spread widely in my office (and absolutely not from me), they thought I was this excellent in English, it’s supposed to be a compliment, but it don’t think so. That’s a burden. You know, you can find a few unique type people in our office to the point you couldn’t even imagine such a character even exists. It’s acceptable if it’s any job relative like translate their report to English for our Native English speaker clients (even though sometimes I became a grumpy lady if it absorbed my time way too much and I was getting frustrated by searching the formal term of each word and phrase). However, there’s a guy. He seems have so many spare times for chatting randomly. I don’t even have any idea how did this guy start his conversation in English with some random girls in some far away country, but it happened to me when he already started it, and then he couldn’t keep up with their next conversation, he started to bug me for translating his conversation which I thought it all was a big images1It started with one word, then the other words, and then sentences. That guy, even if I refused, somehow, managed his own way to force me translating his kind of uninteresting conversation. I already blatantly said to him that what he asked me was really an annoying thing to do and I didn’t want to involve to any of his random conversation anymore, but it’s likely he won’t give up. Erggggghhhhh. I really have no any idea to avoid this guy. Plainly plain guy.

There is third, fourth, and fifth, and countless case in my daily English life, but let’s forget it for this moment.

Let’s see how my Japan trip affected on which level my Japanese language was supposed to be. There was a situation when we were meeting with some Japanese people and a friend of mine had an urgent matter with them, she suddenly came to me, grabbed my hands, and asked me to translate their conversation, and since I only have this five amazing phrases with me (I mentioned it before), I honestly said that I didn’t speak Japanese and that left my friend startled and said; “How come? You’ve been to Japan, you must speak Japan fluently. See? I was supposed to be on native speaker level, or let say at least fluent. Erghhhhh. If only my friend knew that I used all my might in order not to get lost while travelling around Japan despite the entire language barrier I had. I used my body language excessively there. TT___TT

MjAxMy0zNmRiMmQ1ZGEzMjY3NzIxAnd the last is my Korean proficiency level. What to say about this, I haven’t been to South Korea, and why Korea does show up? This is the case, my colleagues know that I’ve been listening to K-pop and watching K-drama, and I also often shout one or two phrase of Korean language that I’ve heard in drama that I’ve been watching, but why does that thing have any relation with travel or Korea? My colleagues already made up their minds about my next field break trip that it would be Korea. Ehm, when I don’t even have any plan to go to South Korea in the near future.

mlk-day-someecardAnyway, thank you dear friends for the intrusions.

annoying 2*Thanks for all the someecards*


6 thoughts on “Scattered Mind of Mine

    1. Celotehan seperti itu masuk dalam kategori biasa buat dia. Gw juga heran awalnya, lama-lama terbiasa, kalo lagi sensitif, emosi. 😐

  1. I loved to watch Korean soap like Kim Sam Soon, Jewel in the Palace, Endless Love, Stairway to Heaven and Temptations of Wife etc., Actually before I don’t used to watch these kind of soap; no regrets; it’s beautiful and very entertaining. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a good english speaker that’s not your forte at least you can understand English that’s all that matter. 😀

    1. Wow, you’ve watched much dramas. 😀 😀 ah, I prefer the romantic comedy drama. Yes, I think that’s all matter for languages are the matter. Thank you Chris. 🙂

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