Celebrating Blogging (Half Moments of 2014)


My healthy month. Due to a severe back pain that got me at that July, I was living my life healthily by taking walk leisurely each evening around my neighborhood, and I also enjoyed reading book on this month. I wish I could do those things every month.


Yeah, one of my most favorite time of the year. Month of celebration. AugustWe celebrated our best friend decision to share his life with someone he loves for the rest of his life, we joyfully celebrated that he was the first one to have that decision. We celebrate our friendship. We celebrated Dodo’s short homecoming to Indonesia. We celebrated our health that enabled us seeing each other again. We celebrated for the sake of the old times. We celebrated our very first group vacation (after our college graduation). We celebrated in order to re-celebrate it later, and we celebrated because we simply celebrated life. 😀


Month of affection. When I said I had an affection toward that man, I meant it, even though it was just a slight of time, I meant it. Even though each time I said it didn’t last long, I meant it.


I was busy and anxiously preparing for Japan trip, and at the end of month I’d been in Japan for second time. Yippie \^0^/.


November2November was a notable one for the entire first week that I spent in Japan in Autumn. That was the first time I experienced Autumn. The complex feeling that came as I felt the air of Autumn. The dramatic sense that came along with the romantic and excitement while seeing foliage (even though it had not been a complete foliage). In the other hands, while the mild air of Autumn touching my skin, it aroused the melancholy, mellow, and also tranquil feeling. At the other time, when I saw a completely leave-less tree which still standing tall, it somehow made me sentimental. For all of those reasons, I love Autumn more than once I loved Spring.


At the early month, when I flipped over my desk calendar, I wished it wouldn’t be December since there were so many things that I’d rather do in 2014, but I haven’t been able to do.. It seems like just yesterday I did my sisterhood trip, but why suddenly It’s about the time I will have my other pleasure of reading vary new year resolutions again (I’ve never made one). The good news is I’ll be home for Christmas, so, Happy Holiday, everyone!! May our heart fill with joy and peace, and…be blessed!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤



14 thoughts on “Celebrating Blogging (Half Moments of 2014)

    1. Miss u too girl. Ah seriusan neng mirip? Itu loh sepatu gw udah punya ari pertengahan tahun 2012, masih kondisi bagus gara2 jarang olahraga. kekekekekek. Emang kita yah, sehati. ❤ ❤ ❤

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