Something to be Grateful for

A few things that I should have been grateful for a long time ago…

  1. I’m grateful for having a very understanding sister. She who always has supportive attitude toward all of my dream and my step. She who always has her time and ears ready to hear my entire trashy story. She who always laugh when I’m laughing, cries over my sadness, hugs me on my hardship, or sometimes laughs over my stupidity and angry over my silly sadness. I’m grateful for her just being there.
  2. I’m grateful for having my family who have shaped me as I am.
  3. I’m grateful for having a dad who supports me with his unique ways and trusting me in each decision that I’ve made. I’m grateful for he is my dad.
  4. I’m grateful to be surrounded by wonderful best friends, I just have a few, but I value them like I value myself.
  5. I’m grateful for life
  6. I’m grateful for I live and…
  7. I’m grateful for Monday again.Grateful

 Have a wonderful day, be joy, be blessed, and be grateful.


13 thoughts on “Something to be Grateful for

    1. Ah, thank you Ndien, :0
      Have a wonderful day. ❤

      btw, I have never thought before that translate my story for your hometown feature would be quite hard for me *blushing*, but I'm working on it. I will send it to you this night or tomorrow. 😀 😀 are you okay with that?

      -Cheers- 🙂

    1. Ah, akunya mau ngomong bersua dengan Senin lagi, salah yah menerjemahkan secara harfiah begitu? ah, gomenasai to arigatou gozaimasu!

    1. Ne, 감사합니다 noona *i took the hangul from google translate* 😀

      Indeed,i thought about this post after receiving a call from my sister when I had a hard time and sharing her my problem, even though she didn’t give me any advice. I think we really are blreesed for having such a person. 😀 😀

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