About Pathetic

At one noisy and starless night in Bali, someone once told me that he was really looked so pathetic for ordering a drink to a girl and the girl just ignored him, in contrary the girl took the another man’s offering. He was telling me that story with his disappointed face and sorrowful voice and trying hard to show me how pathetic he was, and there I, listening to his self-claimed pathetic story, really thought he was too drunk or too early or too un-ripe or less-experience to knew how pathetic really looked like. I really wanted to tell him that pathetic was like hearing the story of your crush’s crush, but still showing as if there wasn’t something about the story could be able to crush your heart into pieces. I thought this man also didn’t have any idea about how pathetic someone could become by being present but totally ignored.

Moreover, I could tell him more pathetic story with this excerpt that I’ve read so many times;

Don’t cross the ocean for someone who even doesn’t want to jump a puddle for you. -Anonym

c872b2c754bf2e478e5ba0c85872c168I knew someone who completely was blind and stupid like that, a woman who flew over the ocean for a man who even didn’t want to jump an almost dried puddle for her. More stupidity of this pathetic woman ever did, even though she already had that circumstance, she pathetically still showering the man with unstoppable care like celebrated his birthday with surprises, served the man without his asking and concerning, threw herself to that man to be embraced, stupidly waiting in front of his door with so much hope, even though that man would never open the door for her, as well as the door to his heart. Pathetic. That was so pathetic, that was so lame. 6e1f52dccb9055681580fdf0ce3b0736

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