About Addiction (They said)

I just realized that my fondness for you was like my fondness for my no-cream black coffee with a little sugar or a bar of dark chocolate; Instead of the fact how bitter both things, I still maintain to have it regularly. People around me might see it as a bizarre addiction, while I just having it to keep my mood skyrocketing. It was completely alike; lesser sweetened, stronger black and bitter.Fondness

So, how do you like your coffee or chocolate?


13 thoughts on “About Addiction (They said)

    1. Andienneeee….
      Long time no see, I was about sending you greeting on your instagram. I wish you were okay all this time. 🙂

      Wow, you’ve had so many kinds of coffee. The prepared coffee on my office doesn’t give me much option, so I simply go for black coffee with a little sugar. Ah, 70% sounds the right amount. I would love to have 74% cocoa (especially the Monggo brand from Jogjakarta), I can’t handle well too much sweet anymore. 😦

      Nice to see you again. 🙂 🙂 ❤

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