The Scent of Autumn of Arashiyama

When I was planning my trip to Japan for autumn 2014, I was really attracted by any foliage colour of autumn. All the websites, blogs, and brochures that I’d read during preparation were showing how beautiful the colour of autumn of Japan would be. So, I set my heart and my mind for enjoying any trees leaves changing during that moment.

Arashiyama 11My thought about the beauty of autumn leaves was lingered on until I found out the truth when I arrived at Hakone at the southern of Tokyo. When I first saw the scenery, I was perplexed. At that moment I realized (again, with my slow thought) that how the promotion of low cost airline that brought us to Japan worked, it would not bring us to the peak season. So, there we were (my friends and I), facing the reality that we were a month earlier due to the peak season. T___T

Facing that fact, instead of (once again) being down, we just went on with what my friend and I could afford, with no regret. So, from the moment we realized it would never be the same with once we’d known before; we reset our mind to what was in front of us, to the beauty of Japan’s autumn as we saw. And, here, my story of it would start from Arashiyama on the western part of Kyoto.

Arashiyama 1Arashiyama 2Arashiyama 3That was my second time visiting Arashiyama, the first one was in spring 2013, however my second visit to Arashiyama gave me more pleasure than the first one. I didn’t have any idea whether it was caused by the different scent that autumn gave me or just simply because I relaxed more on my second arrival. I haven’t figured it out, but one thing for sure is Arashiyama becomes one of my favourite places.

Arashiyama 4Arashiyama 5Arashiyama 6It’s kind of place that I would like to spent the rest of my life; where the air is fresh, the greenery isn’t something I hardly found, the place where the beauty of nature is a part of life, the richness of culture is a treasure, and also it is far from the hustle-bustle of a big city, but the facility is still as convenience as what a city could offer.Arashiyama 8

Arashiyama 10So because of the scent of that autumn, Arashiyama has become one of my favourite places.

IMG_1880*I’m writing this post while listening to Autumn Leaves by Nat King Cole*

How about your autumn experience?


14 thoughts on “The Scent of Autumn of Arashiyama

    1. Wah, bagus malah Christa kalo sibuk kerja, daripada sibuk memikirkan bagaimana bisa bekerja. 😀
      Liburannya mungkin di musim lain. 🙂 🙂

    1. Yah, berarti sama-sama kita gak liat dedaunan yang indah kalo musim gugur (liat2 gambar orang lain yang spektakuler). Mau, nungguin autumn masih berapa bulan yah, kayanya dekat-dekat akhir tahun juga yah di Inggris sana. *terus masih membayangkan bisa kapan jalan-jalan ke sana* Oh Inggris. ❤
      Kemarin sempat baca blog temen aku yang di Belgia, disekitaran rumahnya ajah dedaunan cantik-cantik. *tunggu aku Eropa* 🙂 🙂

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