Excerpts from The Little Prince

People who have been following my blog might notice that I still love reading the children’s books and collecting its quotes and excerpts, so today I’m going to share both which are inspired by my latest children’s book reading, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry (I was left so far behind, wasn’t I?). Due to the laziness virus which is striking me (thank you for being existed, just to take the blame, laziness, kekekekeke), I’m not performing a detail review, but sharing my favourite excerpts. *Singing The Lazy Song-Bruno Mars*

The Little PrinceThe LP2The LP3The LP6The LP4The LPThe LP5The Little Prince2The LP7

I saved all the excerpts as a self reminder, as a grown up…

Have you read The Little Prince? What do you think about this book?


6 thoughts on “Excerpts from The Little Prince

    1. Indeed, Ndine, it arouses a lot of possibilities of interpretation.
      I am not even sure this book is chew-able for the children, instead of the fact that this book was mostly inspired by the author’s childhood experience.

    1. Oh ya? pengen yah selalu punya kepolosan anak-anak, pemikiran spontan anak-anak, terkadang perlu, menurut aku. 🙂

    2. Iya yun, tapi kadang banyak yang sulit menerima hal tersebut kalau yang berpikiran seperti anak anak bukan anak anak

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