Hachiko Statue

Hachiko statue which is standing close to Shibuya station’s west exit is seemed quite interesting to people who love dog, moreover a dog that well known for its unquestionable faithfulness. Honestly speaking, I’m not a fan of any pets, but a fan of faithfulness. I also can’t tell which dog is specifically beautiful or good unless someone explain to me. So, when I first saw Hachiko statue, I couldn’t tell which part was so interesting about it (Let’s put aside the story of it), until my second visit when I observed people who were gathered around it.

Hachiko1 Most of people that made the crowd around Hachiko statue were waiting, while the rest were fussily going forth and back looking for space to take the picture with Hachiko statue, and I was pretty sure that they were just like me, tourists. While waiting, some people were busy playing with their seemed so interesting gadgets that shown by how they couldn’t take their eyes off of it, and the others were happily chatting with their companions. Some people were standing alone and waiting for their cigarettes to be burnt out. Actually I found so many activities and expressions. It was quite pleasant sight for me. In other words, Hachiko statue as a meeting point was more appealing to me than Hachiko as a tourist attraction. So, I found my enjoyment by observing what the others were doing around Hachiko statue. *gomenasai*


Have you ever seen Hachiko statue? What do you think about it?


7 thoughts on “Hachiko Statue

    1. Waduh kalo berserakan, ntar aku pungutik kalo ke sana, kekekekeke.
      Bener, aku baca review Patung Hachiko, sampai ada yang terharu liat patungnya. Sepertinya mereka sangat menghayati film yang di tonton dan ceritanya. Tapi sebagai meeting point emang pas. 🙂
      Apapun itu, mau balik ke Jepanguntuk hal-hal seru lainnya. ❤

    1. Indeed, Sheryl. But, it was nice to have a seat there because we could see so many people with various activities. 🙂

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