Foods for Field Break; South Borneo

Yeay, I’m having my field break tomorrow. When the field break is coming, my food list is coming as well. I don’t even realize why and when exactly that becomes a habit. 😀 I shared about various foods that I love to have when I’m on field break, so now I want to talk about it again, from South Borneo, the place where I have been working for about two years.

Gulai kikil (cow’s feet tendon in coconut milk curry)

It may sound disgusting for some people, but it becomes one of my favourite dishes lately. I usually have this at lunch on a day before I take my leave, just like today; I just had my stomach full with gulai kikil, one of cuisine from West Sumatra. My most favourite place to have this menu around South Borneo is located about 10 km eastward of my office, so it usually takes 7-10 minutes ride, depends on our hungriness level.
Gulai kikilMy complete serving of gulai kikil usually consists of boiled cassava leaf, gulai of young jackfruit, two colours of sambal (crushed chillies), and gulai of cow’s feet tendon on separated plate. And the result for cleaning out my plate is a satisfied stomach over a succulent, savoury, and spicy meal.

Soto ayam khas Banjar (Banjarnese chicken soup)

Soto ayam Banjar is one of my most favourite Indonesia’s soups. So, when my company told me that I was assigned to South Borneo, Soto Banjar was the first thing that came to my mind. 😀 The chicken soup is easily found in all around South Borneo, but I only have two favourite places to enjoy it; one stall in Martapura and another one in Banjarmasin. Both places usually serve the chicken soup with chicken satay.
My preference for a chicken soup depends on its broth and the chicken itself. I don’t like if my chicken broth has the mixture of coconut milk, so it is better served with lighter and less dense broth. As for the chicken, I don’t like to make an extra effort for chewing it.
Soto BanjarI usually have my Banjarese chicken soup on my first day off, right before flying back to East Borneo. In other words, I’m going to have my Banjarnese chicken soup tomorrow for lunch provided my schedule is not changing suddenly. ❤ ❤

What do you think about my meals?


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